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From AccuWeather…

December Cold Waves for Plains, Midwest, East

By , Expert Senior Meteorologist
Nov 30, 2011; 12:00 PM ET

Arctic air is on the move and December will be significantly colder when compared to November for much of the eastern two-thirds of the nation as a result.

The movement of cold air will be much more aggressive during December than what we have seen during November for the Plains, Midwest and Northeast.

According to Long-Range Weather Expert Paul Pastelok, “The cold waves, although transient, will likely produce either near-normal temperatures or even below-normal temperatures for much of the Plains and the Northeast.”

December is typically colder than November, on average. That’s a “no-brainer.”

However, during this December, some places may average more than 20 degrees colder than November.

“For some people that will be quite a shock,” Pastelok said.

In Chicago, for example, the normal average temperature for November is about 41 degrees. During December, the normal average temperature is around 28 degrees.

So, even if December ends up being near normal for your location, it will be substantially colder than the blissful November. November brought temperatures of 2 to 6 degrees above normal over much of the central and eastern United States.

Chicago could average several degrees below normal during this December.

Despite the expected much lower temperatures, it does not appear there will be long-lasting frigid weather for most places this month.

The real frigid days over the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest will be canceled out by a few days of slightly above-average temperatures. Hence the in-and-out effect. But, that means there will be some days with highs in the single digits and teens in the region and perhaps no days with highs in the 50s and 60s.

Waves of arctic air will sweep down from the Canada Prairies dive into the Plains then sweep northeastward before lifting out.

The worst and most of the cold waves would tend to avoid the southeastern U.S.

The roots of one cold wave are already being established in the West now. That cold air will ooze eastward over the Plains this weekend and then into the Northeast early next week.

A much more substantial blast of cold air will follow during the second half of next week and will bring the lowest temperatures of the season so far over much of the Plains and the Upper Midwest. However, that too will lift out after several days.

One argument toward generally colder weather in the central and eastern U.S. is the retreat of frigid air from Alaska.

Depending on where the leading edge of the cold air pauses or runs out of gas will determine the storm track during this period.

There is the potential for multiple storms to track from the South Central states to either the Great Lakes or the Northeast. The exact track of each storm will have great impact on which areas get snow, which areas get rain and which areas get little or no precipitation.

  1. snowboi1 says:

    Not here just a little dose of cold here n there.No cold days this whole month,just mainly 60s with some 70s and a little 50s for highs.

  2. KatD-Mo. says:

    that dip in the jet stream is a tad off.  it should be west of missouri.  yes, Dec. is colder than Nov.  but nothing to brag about at all.

    any weather guru’s see anything different for Jan??????

  3. sapporo1 says:

    Well, you are right, the cold snaps that have hit have not been very long lasting, but they are bringing significant cold to some places, like here for instance, the high today will barely make 15 degrees, with lows around 5 to 10 below zero, and you top that off with now a foot of snow on the ground, and I have to say, it will mark this day as being one with the most snow I have seen on the ground at Christmas time since I was a kid in Alaska.
    drier weather returns for Christmas day through New Years, but I am a little bit giddy about what I am still hearing January is expected to be like here in Colorado for the most part, it’s quite interesting how this winter has turned out so far, pretty atypical of a La Nina pattern, especially precipitation-wise as I can see the heaviest has been over the Mid Atlantic, the southeast and yes, Texas and New Mexico of all places, for most of the east though, it seems to have been a very warm and soggy winter so far, but then again, winter has only begun, there are still January and February, and for interior New England, March, so don’t hang your heads in dissappointment just yet, I think the fun is just about to begin for everyone, as winter will get to a late start for most areas outside the West, but once it does get going, it will be a wild ride for most of us, I am convinced that temperatures are still going to go on a roller coaster ride for most areas, and there will be times of rain, times of snow, and as we have all seen this year, those annoying long stretches of tranquil, sunny weather, but I am sure that you guys in the Midwest and east will get at least a few good snowstorms in there before warm weather and treachery take over for spring lol.
    As for us in Colorado, we are finally getting some good storms that will help to erradicate what is left of the drought that we have been in for a few years now, and I imagine that will continue right up through late spring. 

  4. KatD-Mo. says:

    I lived in the Phoenix valley for years.  weather was either HOT or boring.  I missed having 4 seasons, so moved back home, to Missouri.  The last few years have been fun and exciting.  Tho I’m kind of missing the winters of my childhood.  At this point I think I should have moved elsewhere!  This year New Mexico would have been a good choice!  lol.
    Dec. is pretty much just spilled milk, too late to cry over it now.     I was all excited when all the weathermen said it was going to be a rowdy winter.  Too bad I didn’t ask when it would start. ;)   It feels odd, that winter is zipping north, south, east and west of me.   Usually we’re right in the middle of it all getting a bit of each storm as it zooms by.  This year there’s this big bubble protecting us… its odd and yeah, annoying. 
    I almost forgot…. I was hoping it would snow enough that I could quit my current job and push snow until spring.  That doesn’t help my patience either.
    thanks for your time!

  5. Anthonypilone01 says:

    I hope your right, my friend. Because over here in Maryland, I am sick of rain and I am even SO SICK of this mild bullshit. i want my cold and snow!
    But yeah, seriously, I’m tired of this mildness and I was talking to some fool on youtube who is so-called a weather guy predicting a mild winter with hardly any snow, well i am waiting for my first good snowstorm so i can prove his outlook wrong.

  6. spellbound says:

    I’m with ya there Anthonypilone01  !!   I’m sick of this mild weather. 

  7. snowlover says:

    Anthonypileone01 u might get your wish…  Have your local met said anything about a possible snowstorm heading our way next Tuesday?  If so let me know.  I live in Richmond VA.

  8. inteerstatelover7165 says:


  9. Anthonypilone01 says:

    No, sadly, not. there will be a shot of cold air in couple days but then after that, they said it will be back in the 40′s, which pisses me off.

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