Where on earth did Fatima go??

Posted By: Jayne1954  Posted On: Dec 9th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

I haven’t seen her on here for a long time now. I sure hope she is alright. Has anyone else seen or heard from her?

  1. Anthonypilone01 says:

    yeah, I was wondering that myself. i miss hearing her winter outlooks!

  2. Anthonypilone01 says:

    As do I, my friend. As do I :)

  3. PlowmanOhio81 says:

    Maybe she forgot to pay her internet/cable bill?? :p

  4. fatima20 says:

    i’m a he. anywho, i’m back and ippreciate all concerns and thanks for asking jayne1954.

  5. Anthonypilone01 says:

    missed ya, man! Welcome back!
    How have you been and how is your outlook for the northeast/mid atlantic states? Will we still have above normal snowfall like you said we would?

  6. Jayne1954 says:

    Welcome back Fatima good to see ya and your welcome. Sorry about assuming you were a girl, oops!

  7. ShawnM says:

    Hey Fatima do you still think this will be a harsh or severe winter? Because I hear the La Nina could be weakening and the NAO and AO could be going positive. I hope the La Nina strengthens again and the NAO and AO tank soon.

  8. fatima20 says:

    fatima is my mom’s name. I put it as my username. thanks everyone for the welcomes ad anthony i’ve been great and nice to see you. The northeast/ midatlantic should start to deteriate and see lotsof snow by early january and if not, then earlier. it still will be a cold and snowy winter for these to regions for in my opinion i mean the south’s been getting hammered with snow just as i predicted! Now, weather models are suggesting a white christmas even though my holiday’s kwanzaa, ramadan(eid-al-fitr), and a few winter holiday birthdays! i’ll behappy if it does happen. they’re predicting major snow accumulatins for the mid atlantic and northeast potenially sohopefully we se a classic snowstorm set-up in particular so we get smashed down with snow literally!

  9. Anthonypilone01 says:

    you mean the mild temps should start to deteriorate and the cold will finally come in place for the winter?
    Cuz i am getting very sick of all this mild weather and rain and still waiting for it to finally die down.
    If we don’t get any snow by before or after Christmas, that’s ok cuz I still expect to see snow around January.

  10. KatD-Mo. says:

    we almost hit 60 today.   it rained realllllly well all day.   everyone is getting jumpy.  I lost count of the pickup with plows today.

  11. snowboi1 says:

    It will be well over 70 next few days here in South Carolina so i know fatimas prediction here hasnt happened of all that cold he said.I have 0% faith ever in winter again here and i dont care what anyone says.

  12. snowlover says:

    Welcome Back Fatima20!!!  I must admit I thought you to be female also :>  it doesn’t matter as long as your predictions come true:)  Your Mother has a pretty name.  You were deeply missed.  Merry Christmastime to you and all of our FA bloggers.  Here’s wishing everyone a safe, white Christmas/Kwanzaa!

  13. snowboi1 says:

    There predictions for sc sure hasnt come true and it doesnt suprise me at all.Winters dead here.

  14. Anthonypilone01 says:

    Well, I’m not giving up hope for sure.

  15. Jayne1954 says:

    Fatima, Our local weather guy said that we probably won’t see any real snow and cold until the early parts of January. It seems like he is in agreement with you there :)

  16. Jayne1954 says:

    Merry Christmas to you also snowlover and to all here on this board:)

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