La Nina

Posted By: ShawnM  Posted On: Dec 13th, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

I would like to know what is going on with the La Nina as well as the NAO and the AO and any other weather maker that either makes or breaks the upcoming winter weather. Because I see conflicting reports on various websites. I myself am looking forward to a harsh or severe winter season. In 2010 we had quite a large batch of acorns on our oak trees and then in early February we had a blizzard. This year we had hundreds or thousands more acorns on our oak trees. And I tend to believe in the weather folklore.

Our leaves also began falling in August or early September. We had a few green leaves on our trees leading into December. I am hoping the La Nina restrengthens and that the NAO and AO both tank. Alot of people don’t like winter weather but I am not one of them.:)

  1. whiteout says:

    Most are saying La Nina will be weakening this winter. But at what pace, no one seems to agree.
    NAO and AO are harder to predict. you can check noaa’s teleconnections if you want. they have projections of it but only like a 7 day projection or something

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