WOW!! White Christmas…understatement…how about a foot or more of snow for Christmas?

Posted By: sapporo1  Posted On: Dec 22nd, 2011  Filed Under: Weather

hello, it’s me here in Monument, Colorado folks, and man, it has been a weird December this year, first we get pounded by several storms in early December, then practcally the whole US goes warm and dry for almost 3 weeks, and now…woo hoo another arctic outbreak and holy cow wouldn’t you know it, 2 major snowstorms slam Colorado on the same week, happening to be the same week as Christmas, and let me tell you all, we are really piling it up now, we have about 10 inches on the ground now, with another 4 to 7 inches of snow expected by Thursday night, and no huge warm-ups expected for Christmas, so all in all, it will be the whitest Christmas I have seen in Colorado since 2006, and one of the whitest Christmas days I have ever seen in all the 20 years I have lived in Colorado…it straight brings back memories of Christmas back home in Alaska when I was a child, it is supposed to go up and down again temperature-wise after Christmas, but with highs no warmer than the low 40s, I doubt all this snow will melt before New Years, and I still hear that January could be insanely cold and very snowy for Colorado…hope so, we haven’t a decent winter in several years, it’s about time we finally broke the snow-lacking spell we have been in for a good while now, and this year has been a good start, as now, we have had over 40 inches so far this year, but…still a long ways to go, and winter solstice just officially started, so we have alot of winter ahead of us, by the way, I see that Chicago has not seen a single significant snowstorm yet this year…very odd, and New York also apparently has not had any measurable snow since October…is that really true? crazy, well, I want to hear about everyone’s winter so far, I am always interested, so share anything with me, I am all ears.

  1. Anthonypilone01 says:

    Well, so far, it has been rainy and mild over here in the Mid Atlantic region, which sucks ass and I right now, am envious for those who are getting good snow currently and i am sick of this warm spell and still waiting for it to go the hell away so that the cold can finally come in place and to have a greater chance of snow.

  2. Grandin says:

    Wanna hear how my christmas weather will be huh? 45 degrees and mostly sunny. you no how crappy that is? i live in one of the most extreme snow belt sector in the world and my weather will be allmost in the 50′s by the way i got green grass to usaly it’s brown and covered with 20 inches of snow bt now. But im glad you got snow. History has it if winter starts off mild it will be cold and snowy by the end of winter. and when winter starts off cold and snowy it will be mild and wet as in rain or dry.


  3. spellbound says:

    Boy I hope your right Dan, I need snow to work, no work  means no money, means no pay bills.  I’m just discusted with this weather.  I hate green a Christmas.  But I got to keep in mind the real reason for the season.  It’s not snow.  ;).   Lets all hope to a snowy January and a better 2012, because 2011 sucked.   Karen

  4. adogg30 says:

    well I just have two things too say merry christmas too all you guys on the farmers almanac and who runs this web pageand my 2nd thing mother nature has to balance her self out.wen does she is going to ex plode like mt. st helens with cold arctic air and big snows.

  5. TheMaineMan says:

    Just as I was losing all hope, this storm came through and managed to produce a wet 3 inches of snow, and with some cold air behind it, there will just barely be some snow on the ground for Christmas. What a close one!

  6. Grandin says:

    Sorry if i seemed snappy before. Just im losing money with the mild weather. I am going out west if it snows again though we been contracted through 9 west states and 2 northwest states. And Karen i hope it snows where your at so u can make some money too! Merry Christmas all..


  7. KatD-Mo. says:

    I hear you Dan.  we’re in the same boat.  I don’t even want to do a basic count on how much money we’ve invested in the snow plows/equipment so far and still no snow on the horizon.  I’m sure we’ll survive, but it’s not going to be pretty!  lol.

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