Lake Effect Snow

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Jan 3rd, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Well im on the road near the indiana ohio state line. And over here 2 feet of snow fell looks so pretty when snow freshly falls. And i was in michigan near grand rapids and in some places up there 3 feet of snow fell. All from the lake effect snows. But the snows have stoped cause the winds have went away. And now the clean up begins which is good for me cause least got some change in my pocket now sorta. But the warm up begins around here  in the northern indiana part the temps will be allmost 50 on friday. So whatever we get will be gone or alot of it will be gone in just a few days. Tired of this warm patteren over ridding the cold bums me out.All summer and fall long i been hearing how cold it will be and how snowy it will be. Im thinking this winter will mainly be a bust sadly to say. With cold shots here and there with bursts of snow then have a warm up. For what it’s worth im hearing that summer 2012 will be mainly cool and stormy alot of the time for alot of the united states.  And around where i live only 4 inches of snow fell. My town got missed by the heavy snows the wind were to east and not enough northwest. So i got the left overs really.. Happy new year everyone..


  1. Miss Scott says:

    Hello Dan, 

    Yes, we got the BIG WHITEOUT here in Traverse City MI, but sad to say all going to be gone by Saturday, where did ya here it will be cool and stormy at, what part of US, I miss the WINTER SO BAD, hell, over here, the lakes are still about 50 degrees, but where are the weather systems!!!!  It should be snowing to “beat the ban” as the parents used to say… sorry you got left overs, am tired myself of being teased with a big dump and then it all melts away to mud and ugly, it is freaking 46 degrees as I write this……..WHERE IS OUR SNOW, gosh dang it!!!!!!  I DO NOT want it to be Spring and then thrown into the sweltering humidity of Summer again, one would think we’re in weeezianna or sompin……(just making a joke:) if I wanted to live in sweat all year long, well, I would, BUT I LUVS MY SNOW!!!!!!  And Spring is right around the corner, please DO TELL where did you see  ”COOL AND STORMY?”  One can only hope!!!!  Where we are in Traverse City, off the West Bay of Lake MI we received approx 2 and a half feet, the snow was like little package filler, the styrafoam junk, it was very wierd, powder for awhile, then icy mist, then back, was in the 20′s but still felt warm to me……DAMN, it just went to 47 degrees, did I say that right, January 6, 2012 and it is Spring over here………makes ya go hmmmmmm………..

  2. mom101 says:

    Hi Miss Scott. We live down south of Saginaw and all we got all winter was an inch here and there. just enough to make driving a pain.  We had 2 “storms” that produced 6 inches and that was winter.

  3. tornadoes2 says:

    well i heard that 4 inches of snow on saturday morning in the windsor area  and detroit, and central lake erie then possible huge warm up middle of next week like 70s and 80S degree temperature and maybe scatterd daily severe thunderstorm the midwest to the great lakes.

  4. USAclimatereporter says:

    i do not live near the lakes i live in new york city i wish there was as much snow in new york city as there was near the lakes

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