No snow on ground in early January

Posted By: TheMaineMan  Posted On: Jan 5th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Almost unheard of. Can’t believe there was snow on the ground for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and early December… just barely for Christmas… and now there’s green grass. Almost unheard of in early January. Is this snowless pattern with mild spells supposed to continue, or are changes on the way later in winter?


Every time it gets cold, it’s 40 degrees the next day.

  1. Anthonypilone01 says:

    I feel the same over here in Maryland. But they are calling for colder temps for late next week. So we’ll see what happens. Just gotta cross your fingers and see if the colds comes our way  :)

  2. Miss Scott says:

    Hello Anthony and MaineMan,

    Same here in Northwest Michigan, we had NO, NOTTA NUTHIN, snow and boom, on Monday and Tuesday we got a “Man made” Blizzard if you know what I mean, think they only did for the ski resorts because as of right now 9:00 a.m., Traverse City MI it is 46 degrees. WTF…..not right, have been watching water tables in the Great Lakes drop for years, and get this, was sitting outside yesterday and what comes by, a FREAKING MOSQUITO!!!!!!!  Somthin not rite with this picture.

  3. Miss Scott says:

    Also, the snow does ‘t stay, and we all know what it looks like without it,,,,,,,,,ugly, I think birds are also confused, either all geese did not leave, or they think it is spring, this is not right!!!!!  thanx for this site and other peeps concern, as i am not alone in my thinking……this is not good for ANY kind of rhyme and rhythm with nature…..and anthony, cold does not necessacarily (spelling) mean SNOW… can be cold all it wants, but NO precipitation!!!!  Same as summer where temps pushing over 100 with beastly humidity and no relief of pure RAIN SHOWER to cool it down some.  I cannot take this much longer, am 54 and want to move where it is ALWAYS SNOWING!

  4. TheMaineMan says:

    I did get a surprise inch of snow today, but am nervous because tomorrow’s forecast is 43 degrees (case in point?)

  5. dynahstee says:

    I’m tempted to give up on this thing call winter! In all my years of living, I can’t recall ever seeing a winter start this late……. Yesterday, we heard several birds outside literally they sound like they were arguing with each other. Or maybe they are as confused as we are and wondering what the heck is going on!!! On Friday my neighbor swear she saw bees outside!!! How bout that?????? Crazy, I tell ya…….

  6. sapporo1 says:

    Well gentlemen, welcome to the world of eastern Colorado…what you described about the weather in your area Maineman, is what happens quite often in Colorado, we get plenty of snow, and then the weather freaks out and melting becomes insane, and afterwards, it wont snow again for weeks, sometimes a whole month, then the next storm hits and we hardly get anything, pathetic.
    Anyways, they are doing quite well back in my original home in Wasilla, Alaska, they just got 12 inches of new snow, and another storm is coming later this week threatening to bring more significant snow to the whole Matanuska Valley…then again, that is normal this time of year up there…by Christmas we would usually have about 3 or 4 feet of snow on the ground, and it keeps building more and more later into the winter, most winters bring around 70 inches or so.
    as for here in Monument, it has been freakishly warm, with a few days in the 60s last week…although, no bees or anything like that, we just had some snow, but it was a measely inch…hardly even worth mentioning…but wow, I have to say, Christmas was one of the whitest I have ever seen here in Colorado…we had close to 15 inches on the ground, but come New Year’s, it was mostly gone, now…only a few patches of it remain.
    well, right now it appears as though we will be going into another dry pattern for a few days, another weak snow flurry or two, then back to Satan’s weather…hot, dry and miserable…like everyone else.

  7. Anthonypilone01 says:

    Well, miss scott, that is interesting and very odd, indeed. But what i was trying to say was, for our area, it has to be at least cold enough support snow, let along having the ground cold enough for it to stick lol But to others who are thinking about giving up hope, DON’T! I live in the east coast(MD.) and even if we do not have a lot of snow or whatever, I’m not giving up. I never gave up then and I won’t now. the time will for snow come sooner or later  :)

  8. Miss Scott says:

    Hi, Anthony,  oh, yes, the ground is plenty cold enough here to support the snow, we just are NOT getting any, well, as of yet….I just could not believe seeing that crazy mosquito last week!  There are more birds also, it was 48 one day last week, and will be in the high 40′s thru out this week!  I checked as someone mentioned, we here in Traverse City MI are not to see any reasonable snow until 1/19 and not very much.  It is then predicted (the cool and stormy part) that we will not see much snow at all, but the latter will be true.  I, as you, am hoping too…..DO NOT want freaking bugs coming in February, summer is enough, we live in the woods by water, so it is a given, but I enjoy being without them in the winter!!  Take care, bring on the SNOW PLEASE!!!!

  9. Anthonypilone01 says:

    Yeah, indeed, Miss Scott. We are going to have cold temps here in MD. but they are saying it’ll be back in the damn 40′s. UGH!! I just want this stupid mildness to be gone for good for the rest of this winter.
    OI VEY!!!

  10. Cassidy says:

    Hey all. Here in Charleston SC, I now have daffadils and tulips coming up. My azalea’s have started to bud up. We STILL have mosquitos and these annoying no-c-em.. I swear, they are like flying teeth. Even down here, this is unusual. Its been warm and actually humid. After the brutally hot humid summer we had, I was seriously looking forward to a much cooler winter, so much for that. ha. Only good thing about all this is I havent had a electric bill since Nov of over 60.00. At the rate these temps are going, Im gonna be turning on the ac by March. Ridiculous. I hope y’all get the snow and cold weather you are hoping for, as for us in SC, I guess Ill be beachin it in a couple more months…absurd. Take Care.

  11. Miss Scott says:

    Good Morning All,

    Supposed to be 48 today, saw a fly, mosquito and a gaggle of geese, they are supposed to be in Canada, WTH.   Then as I was online yesterday, Weatherbug started chirping, and it was announced out of Gaylord MI that a cold front is dropping down from Canada and we will be getting BIG SNOW Thursday and Friday. HMPH!!!!  Out of nowhere, out of the blue, now how could they not know or predict that last weekend.  We shall see!!!!  Cassidy, my mon lived in Port Charlotte before the big hurricane there, and when we would go to visit, those no see ums were the WORST, are there not 2 kinds, black and white?  All I know is that they could get right thru the screens, are the same as “Chiggers,?” was gonna ask my hubs about that cause he said at base training in Texas at Ft Hood, he got them bad.  Well, I would not mind flowers already, but get rid of those DAMN BUGS!!!!  And Anthony, the cold temps are supposed to return here also, the teens to single digits!!!!  Just please BRING THE SNOW and LET IT STAY!!!! Enough of this teasing!!!!  Laters!

  12. Anthonypilone01 says:

    That is interesting, Miss Scott and yeah, enough with the teasing, bring on the snow  :)

  13. ukfan8812 says:

    Hi all..its been a while since ive posted on here..Here in Greenup County Kentucky weve had about 2 inches of snow all winter long! Were suppose to be getting a little bit of snow tonight into tommorow but im not holding my breath. haha…BTW Sapporo, im moving to Colorado Springs Next week..How is it out there? Ive never been there before?

  14. TheMaineMan says:

    Well doesn’t it all end today… 6 inches of snow and still coming…  and Saturday’s night low is forecast below zero. Next week actually looking seasonable.

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