The interplanetary magnetic field

Posted By: wjp2011111  Posted On: Jan 7th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I’ve been doing obsessive research as to why the winter pattern in the NH has discontinued a correlative relationship with the thermal and kinetic budget state, and I think I might have found something in the interplanetary magnetic field general earth energy budget balance in relativity to explain the odd and unexpected pattern this winter.

I’m working on the post with details, qualitative evidence, and quantitative evidence for this.

But in hint, look at it this way:  IMF = base, AP flux (CME Geomagnetic Planetary Index as a driver).

So, it’s Sun —> Upper atmospheric impact —> change in AO/NAO oscillations —> change in global cloud cover distribution —> change in heat distribution —>  Change in the wind budget (what causes wind? ;) ) —> ENSO.

The IMF determines the AMO and PDO phases, where everytime the IMF flips north, the AMO changes phase (every 2 solar cycles), while the PDO changes everytime the IMF goes south.

ENSO is determined by the geomagnetic flux, the correlation is so good it is scary there, and to the atmospheric thermal budget.

I’ll have all this in a nice detailed post soon.  cheers :-)

(PS, no, winter is not over, it hasn’t even begun).

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