Posted By: snowboi1  Posted On: Jan 8th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

They were saying it was gonna be soooo cold this winter for days n days and they were calling for snow big time and they were sooo  wrong.Notice they havent been on here much cause they know they were wrong.So sad.Ill never believe them again or anyone else with this so called cold/snow we were all supposed to get.

  1. kimcan1977 says:

    I truly don’t think it’s hit yet. I remember last year (Feb 2011) in my area it snowed for 2 weeks. So I’m not expecting it until the end of the month but I do remember when It snowed from October through the end of January. IDK…its been pretty crazy for a while now.

  2. snowlover says:

    You do know that God is in control of the weather right snowboi1?  All anyone can do is forecast to the best of their knowledge within a week or so.  I must admit; there are some on here that are more knowledable than others, yet still it’s a forecast!  Hopefully Fatima is ok, you don’t know if there’s an important reason that Fatima is not on here.  Sickness (God forbid) or perhaps a long vacation, or…just plain busy.

  3. snowboi1 says:

    I guess i was a bit hard on fatima as they are just predicting.Hope there ok too.

  4. KatD-Mo. says:

    they’re all in hiding trying to figure out what the heck happened…. and what IS going to happen, if anything.

    my very uneducated thoughts are… the pattern is set.  what we did and are currently getting… is what we are going to get the rest of the season.   I refuse to call this winter… what I have is …. a season… of some sort.  

    maybe the earth tilted on its axis again, they say it did that eons ago and created a wacky weather change.  eh. time will tell.

    old bets are off, new ones are going out!

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