Potential Snowstorm pattern to set up for the Eastern US

Posted By: wjp2011111  Posted On: Feb 7th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Well it seems like mother nature pulled a fast one on me yet again,  I originally predicted, back on JAN 8, that in 3 weeks we’d be in a colder regime, but it appears it’ll end up taking 5 weeks (Beginning on FEB 9).  Man is very much inferior compared to mother nature, yet we still can’t seem to realize that yet :p

Anyway I’ll give this a try, as I think there are clearer signs of a regime change.  I predict opportunities for winter storminess in the east on these dates (hopefully mother nature will take pity on me this time) :

Dates to watch: 

FEB 8-10

FEB 13-17

FEB 22-29

MAR 5-15

MAR 22-29        

This based on the large scale/global regime progression I am seeing, whether or not I am interpreting it correctly, we’ll find out.

  1. TheMaineMan says:

    Unfortunately, the green grass in my lawn disagrees with your prediction Phil.

  2. wjp2011111 says:

    Looks like central VA could be in for a 3-6″ snowfall tomorrow night, a little later than I thought, folks to the North even in MD are goig to miss out though.

  3. wjp2011111 says:

    Sucks that I cant edit typos.  But though this one was a disappointment for folks up north, Richmond VA could get some good snow assuming surface temps are adequate via WB cooling.

    I doubt winter is done though, this could just be a taste of what comes later on.   ;)  I hope so.

  4. cjjtsmom says:

    My locals here in central NC are 2-4 inches.

  5. Jayne1954 says:

    I know wjp I was so mad that this storm decided not to visit us. At first the weather channel had warnings for us to have the potenial for significant snowfall here and I was so exxcited!! Then about 2 nights later I checked it again and it was gone. I was so disappointed at that. I sure hope your right that winter isn’t done with us yet. I would be very happy with at least one really nice snowfall before it’s to late. However I am getting to the point of giving on that for this year. Keep us posted on your thought’s for the rest of winter my friend, please. :)

  6. wjp2011111 says:

    Haha I’ll do my best, mother nature has been very chaotic lately.  I’ll eat my shoes if this is the end of winter, and I’ll post the vid here.  I promise :p

  7. Jayne1954 says:

    wjp, Like I said before you are not the only forecaster that has been fooled by this winter. I would say most of them have and some just don’t want to admit it, lol! All you can do is your very best and no one can expect more than that. Only God know’s what ahead of us, and the last I checked none of us is Him. If it doesn’t happen this winter well there is always next winter, right? I mean don’t get me wrong I would still like to see at least one nice snowfall of about 6 to 8 inches and I would be satisifed till next winter:) But if it doesn’t happen then it doesn’t happen. Oh my goodness you don’t have to eat your shoes if winter doesn’t give us some snow this year, lol!! Your still my friend and I always look forward to your predictions and thoughts. Actually I am kinda getting excited about planting our veggie garden, already planning it out, lol! So if the rest of winter doesn’t provide I will just plan my garden and look forward to next winter. God Bless you my friend :)

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