Some cold coming to the west

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Arctic outbreak in February for mid-west and prairies. Brief break from the above normal temperatures.

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We are forecasting for another arctic outbreak starting around February 25-26.

British Columbia, the prairies, and Mid-West will all see temperatures starting to plummet starting February 25. Most of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and parts of Ontario will experience temperatures near or below -15 C .

Much of the Mid-West will also experience temperatures below -10 C (14 F). There is the potential for a blizzard February 26 into February 27 sweeping through many parts of the Mid-West. Areas possibly hit are Eastern Washington and Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Northern Utah and Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa.

Snowfall amounts will vary over the region, from trace to possibly 30 cm or more. Details will follow closer to the storm.

Strong winds will accompany the snow in some regions.


Lower elevation of Pacific Northwest will also experience some cold. Fraser valley of British Columbia will experience the most cold, with highs at Abbotsford possibly reaching only -5 C on February 26.

Currently, there seems to be no snow, but that may change in the future if the timing of cold and precipitation matches.


The cold air will track East into the Northeast as the West warms again.

  1. USAclimatereporter says:

    i do not live in the west i live in the north east there was almost no snow this winter in nyc

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