This winter sucked!

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Feb 28th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Gonna be 60 tomorrow around here with alot of windy and be partly sunny. I think winter around here is about done. We may get flurries etc but nothing to write home about. The is a big blob of rain to the southwest  thats coming my way along with tons of windy and rain and thunderstorms tonight. I ewally wish we could have had a decent winter for the WHOLE united states but it wasn’t to be. I’m gonna chalk this winter up as a loss and wish for the best for the 2012/2013 winter We’ll see right? And im heraing all sorts of rumors about this spring and summer. One second i hear it will be hot and dry. Then i hear it will be hot and wet. Then i hear this spring and summer will be cool and dry then cool and wet.. Does anyone have any data on this? Which will it be hot or cool? wet or dry?


  1. i heard march will come in like a lion from the mid south to the great lakes and it will be aoa normal heights and warmer than normal in the great lakes could have a big boomers of severe weather around here, this year we will see doomsday like gas prices will be in a increase and solar flares will destroy are technology and everything else that mankind depend on is modern civilization bringing back to 1900s all over again.

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    Dan, I’m supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow. This storm didn’t brush you at all?

  3. collin lee says:

    hey … im getting married june 30th any predictions on my wedding day weather?? and will someone also remind me what the sun light is like in june? when will it be dark? i want to have an outdoor reception that ends as its getting dark…

  4. Grandin says:

    i didn’t get no snow wgats so ever MaineMan and it sucked :( But i got some rain..

  5. sapporo1 says:

    All in all, it was a matter of perspective (in other words, where you live) here in Monument, precip-wise it was a pretty average winter…a little over 100 inches of snow fell so far, though winter is not completely over with, in fact March and April are well known around here for massive blizzards that dump feet of snow in a short period of time, and if we do get one or 2 of those, I can actually count this year as well-above average for snowfall.
    As far as temperatures are concerned, we were quite a bit above average, with mostly 40s throughout most of January and February, with some 50s, and a few cold spells in between, some 20s and 30s, and a day or two in the 10s, December though, takes the cake for being the coldest month, with many days in the 10s and even a few single digit days.
    To be honest, I believe March will be a bit drier than normal around here, but April will likely rev up some big weather events that will continue to help improve the water levels around here, and the late May/ early June period, will likely bring a pretty nasty severe weather threat for the lee side of the Rockies here, including a flooding threat here and there…just a feeling though.
    the latter part of June will likely bring very hot and dry weather around here, and the first few days in July as well, but then a change could likely ensue as the pattern may shift to cooler and wetter weather later in the month with a stronger than normal monsoon flow likely to usher into the southwestern part of the state, which will combine with many variable frontal boundaries crossing paths with moist upslope flow, there will be many hot, and pleasant days in between these systems, but I think it will end up being pretty wet like last summer was around here.

  6. snowlover says:

    Anyone care to take a chance and predict August 18th for the Richmond Virginia area?  My wedding day!  Although the wedding and reception are inside; there will be travel from the Church to our reception venue.  Thanks.

    Oh, and winter here bombed also; but I did get to see about 2 inches the entire winter.  Some places to the north and west of me got a bit more. At least we didn’t have astronomical power bills.  Here’s hoping for a cool summer!

  7. Anthonypilone01 says:

    UGH! We have not had hardly any winter here in Maryland for this past winter most of the time. It was ridiculously mild and as a snow lover, I couldn’t stand it and was utterly disappointed. It was like last year. But without the thunder snow! I couldn’t stand it!

    However, i heard it will be an El Nino pattern for next year. Well in the winter of 2009-2010, we had those big snowstorm was in an El Nino pattern so I am hoping to god things should have buck with colder weather and better chances for more snow for next year.

  8. KatD-Mo. says:

    winter???  whazzat?  it was purely dismal.  we had ONE snow to plow. ONE.

    spring.  started and is hauling tail.  80F + all week.  spring!!!   80F most of the week and next week too.  our lows are in the high 50′s and low 60′s!

    with the north part of the country still in winter, the south in full swing summer weather… its not going to be pretty.  when cold meets hot, its NEVER good.

    I still cringe when I think about summer.  if its 80 now, whats July & Aug going to be like?  eek.

  9. sapporo1 says:

    I would not count those chickens before they hatch just yet…spring is getting off to a rather hot and unusual start for many of us…even here in Monument, it was 70 here today, and in the southeast part of the state, 80 degree temperatures were observed, and new all-time records will be set tomorrow, with highs predicted to be in the mid 70s to near 90 in the southeast part of the state, however, from what I have seen, when we have an unusually warm spring, the first fractional part of summer heats up fast, but then, out of nowhere, the whole country has a tendency to suddenly flip a switch to a rainy and just flat cold second half…just my personal synopsis, but many believe it is going to be extremely hot all summer long…but then again, there is the mention that we may start to transition into an El Nino pattern heading into the latter months of summer…and typical El Nino patterns tend to favor colder and wetter than normal conditions for the southern half of the US, just a hunch, but that could very well be the shocking scenario this year, but that is just a hunch of mine, and by the way, I feel you about the fear of an absolutely wicked severe weather season, that prospect even has me on edge, because this warmer than average weather is fuel for horrible outbreaks of severe weather…not a good omen for later into the spring.

  10. TheMaineMan says:

    Congrats Snowlover! My wedding was in mid-August, and I remember that the weather was absolutely perfect. I don’t dare make a prediction so far out though, but I hope it’s as good for you as it was for me.

  11. mom101 says:

    yes, I agree it has been quite an unusual winter. I’m in Michigan and  I know lack of precipatation (snow) is not good for spring crops, not to mention our winter economy, but I have to say I really didn’t mind the mild winter for a change. I do not like driving on slippery roads. I love snow when there’s alot of it but this 1/2 inch at a time all winter made the roads terrible.  And the 80 degrees in March….well that was a teaser.. Now we’re getting frost much of the time and it’s killing our plants that came out in March.  What’s next?  Well I did read we may be in for some hot (90′s / 100′s) this summer. Ughhhh   Gotta love Michigan!

  12. The Rickster says:

    This winter for us here in South Carolina was basically non-existent. We had one chance of sleet…thats it. Not even that came to pass. Oh well.

    Now here spring/summer is here, and the bugs are HORRIBLE. It’s like being back in California. It’s supposed to be highs in the middle to upper 80′s all this week. 

    I hope we have some sort of Winter this year for 2012-2013.

  13. USAclimatereporter says:

    there was barely snow in nyc this winter

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