Welp…This Stunk.

Posted By: inteerstatelover7165  Posted On: Mar 1st, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Welp, yes it did. It’s March 1st, official of Meteorological SPRING. Hello, Not Winter.

FINAL SNOW TOTAL FOR 06810: 16 inches at Danbury Municipal Airport.

  1. Anthonypilone01 says:

    hardly any snow for me this winter here in maryland. sure, we had couple cold shots but other than that , it was ridiculously warm, with lacking much of snow and got from 2 inches to NONE!
    next year i hear will be in an el nino pattern, in which i hope should have better chances for colder weather and better chances for snow.

  2. KatD-Mo. says:

    our winter total in central Mo…………….. 6 inches.  at one point we were the 9th warmest winter ever.  that’s been a few weeks and I haven’t checked to see how its ended.

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