major tornado outbreak in midwest and ohio and the midsouth today and tonight

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* Rain and thunderstorms, including some severe, are expected for the Ohio and Mid-Mississippi Valleys and into southern Lower Michigan

* Tornadoes are expected in central and eastern Kentucky today into tonight

* Heavy snow is expected northern Lower Michigan, with amounts up to 12 inches by late tonight

* Windy conditions are expected for most areas east of the Mississippi River by the overnight hours

* Warm temperatures are expected for most areas east of the Mississippi River

* Chilly temperatures are expected in the Western Plains

* Highs will range from the 20s in much of North Dakota and northern South Dakota to around 70 for much of Kentucky, ohio will brutally wicked strong deadly storm, southern great lakes, windsor to toronto will have high winds and power outages highs of 100kmph winds, possible hurricane force winds this will  gather strength around the great lakes along lake erie so watch out.

  1. march 24 and march 27 we will see are first major outbreak of severe weather during that time frame keep an eye on the sky i’ll keep u posted.

  2. white out it looks like we could get huge storm on the 24 and 27 of march coming from the south which will be very warm that talking about 60s and 70s that week u never what could happend that week, the weather is getting very sensitive.

  3. Grandin says:

    Yea that torando out break broke my heart. cause my company is contracted to cut and remove trees off power lines and houses for rebuild. And i met some survivers i feel bad big time! They will allways be in my thoughts and prayers..


  4. southern great lakes might get a amber of sunshine this afternoon and we could severe weather today and next week on st partick day look out for the sky any warnings approach ur area seek shelter.

  5. felt sorry for michigan get had tornado outbreak and it was high end slight risk of severe weather today will be sunny today but more warm weather next week we will be breaking the record coming days we will see nice golfing weather at times we will might see big through the great lakes next week

  6. this storm is going to be really bad next week i heard it on the accuweather and they are saying that they have no clue where this storm going to but i think we will get moderate risk for severe weather in southwest ontario between march 23 and march 27 those are the days we could get hit real bad so this going to be turn out the worst because the southern plains is getting wicked storms on sunday and monday eventually travelling to missouri and indiana, michigan further east as u go and watch out bc its a bad storm coming keep on listening to the forecast if the weather changes and ill let u know bye ciao.

  7. whiteout says:

    Next weeks storm might be really bad. Accuweather haven’t posted anything, but heres one website.

  8. its very unpredictable to predict the weather for this coming days the storm is slow mover and it has a lot of precipatation  can bring a lot of heavy rains in great lakes region if the moisture comes from the gulf of mexico to the great lakes it can bring a lot of outbreaks of storm nobody or weather forecast cant or not know where this storm going but i’m pretty sure this storm will bring to ohio and michigan if that is the case how come it brought severe weather wx this early in the year its the sun cycle which can bring a lot elements and the ingredients this week nobody does not know which day this week but we will find out on sunday or monday so good luck talk to u later happy spring and happy st patrick day.

  9. USAclimatereporter says:

    there has not been tornados here in new york city since 2 years ago and that summer there were two tornadoes

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