Starting to get skeptical

Posted By: Maxceedo  Posted On: Mar 11th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

the farmers almanac may still hold a large part of trust to others in the forum but i am starting to lose allot of faith in its accuracy. for the past few winters it  has proven to be unreliable at predicting the outcome of the seasons and weather predictions..maybe i am wrong but i kinda live in the area so unless there is statistical evidence to prove me wrong i stand by my accusation. back in the old days i started to realize that the people making there own prediction maps had more accuracy than the actual site did.

  1. sapporo1 says:

    Well, you must understand that FA can not be everywhere simultaneously, and besides that, they’re not always on the dot, but they do their best, and also understand, that the final prediction may not always necessarily coincide with what all the meteorologists’ thoughts were for the year, it is merely a general idea of what we could expect, from what I have seen, yes, there have been many disagreements about what would occur this winter…it was one of those wild card winters where just about anything goes, and what trumped it even moreso was the fact that what was thought to be a returning La Nina that would strengthen during the winter, instead did the exact weakened, and an alomost typical El Nino-like pattern ensued, making the forecast all that much more difficult and nearly impossible to pin down, also, solar flares may have also have some to do with unusual cycles in the weather…so do you see my point, this year’s weather would have been nearly impossible for anyone to get right on the dot, bec ause there were just too many unforseen variables that trumped each aspect of the atmosphere.

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