Ridding your garden/yard of CATS….

Posted By: Ozarknana  Posted On: Mar 13th, 2012  Filed Under: Home & Garden

Does anyone know what would be a good product to get rid of/keep cats out of your yard/garden?  We have a neighborhood “cat hoarder”…..she must have 40 if she has 1.  I’m a gardener that loves to work with her hands (no gloves) and the cat feces in my beds, pots and just about everywhere else has gotten me to the point that I’ll try anything (and then I’m getting out the gun)!  We have tried moth balls and several over the counter products that are suppose to keep them away…none have worked.  We live very rural in Missouri and our county does not have an Animal Control Officer or even a Humane Society of any kind.  We really have no one to call and complain to so they can handle the situation…we’re trying to handle it ourselves.  We did contact a few people that “live traps” animals and removes them from your property.  But, they won’t trap somone’s cats because it “makes us look bad to trap the neighbors pets”…..HELP!

  1. USAclimatereporter says:

    i have a neighbor who has one cat that comes into our yard and goes to the bathroom

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    It’s very tough to keep them out of the yard… and unfortunately the only way to really keep them out of the garden is via fence/barrier. Best bet is to try to scare the cat without actually hurting it… if a cat sneaks in my yard repeatedly I usually sneak up on the cat and then run at it, which gives it a heart attack as it runs in a panic.

  3. larry bryant says:

     if someone comes up with an ideal that keeps them out i am all for it as long as it dosent harm the  cat – i have scared the crap out of my neighbors cant and it still comes back with friends to do there business in my potted plants destroys them -WHAT TO DO???

  4. heilcraver@aol.com says:

    I would set up a pin hole hose system.  turn it on at odd times-specially when you see them.  Most  cats do not like wet feet. nor active sprinkling of any kind.  I would especially lay a few lines of hose along the borders. If you aim one toward her yard…you could  back them up with 3 feet of wet yard on their side, that they wont want to even cross to jump the fence or crawl thru the posts to yours. 

    You dont mention any border. The other thing would be to actually grow a rose bush hedge, thick to the ground.  If you let it grow wild it may not look great but would work on the side you aren’t keeping wet. 
    The problem my friend had was a neighbor’s male that kept spraying her front porch.  We used cayenne pepper on the porch and sidwalk leading up. Probably didnt feel so great on the paws and worse when you lick them… so the cat just found something else to do.  We kept it sprinkled for 3 months, every couple of days but it held up best on the porch since it was covered. He hasnt come back yet.  hope that helps.

    Deb, Charleston, SC

  5. erinaengel says:

    Cats don’t like the smell of oranges. Try orange peels and orange oil spray!

  6. millershort says:

    Maybe the powder you lay out to make the bunnies, squirrels and deer stay away. DeerOut is something I’ve used before for the aforementioned critters. It is made of natural ingredients like hot pepper and bad eggs.

  7. hcranch says:

    To keep the bunnies out of my garden I place cheap, rubber snakes randomly in between the rows of their veggie of preference…it WORKS! I have watched from my window the bunnies skirting around the entire garden to get to the other side! And you can buy little rubber snakes at the dollar store!
    On the plants that the wildlife…deer, raccoons, skunks, etc. like to chew on, I sprinkle cayenne pepper on and around the plant. I might have to repeat a couple of times…maybe after a rain or after a week or so when it wears off, but usually by mid-summer they don’t even come around any more! It also keeps the dogs and cats away from the garden!
    None of the commercial products I have tried have ever worked!

  8. StephenMorris says:

    Pecan mulch
    cats hate the sharp edges

  9. Lois Salsbury says:

    I used to live at the beach and I found if you sray clorex around they don’t like the smell and don’t like the taste on their feet. Might want to try that or like someone else said get a small dog. Or I just thought of a good idea infest in a barker when you see the cats push the button and the barker  barks, noy knowing where it is the cats might run. Guess it its worth the try.

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