Posted By: toonafish  Posted On: Mar 19th, 2012  Filed Under: Home & Garden

I added horse manure to my garden to boost it`s potential. Now, how long should I wait until I plant?

  1. victoriac says:

    i live on the boarder of the outer banks in va bch va when is it time for me to plant my potatoes, and than how long do i wait for planting my maters and peper plants

  2. toonafish says:

    how does one get ready ,organically,for collard beatles?

  3. staylor says:

    As far as the manure, my husband and I use humus from walmart, it’s a topsoil & manure mix.  it did wonders for our garden last year. what we did was we tilled up the garden first, then added the HUMUS and 10-10-10 fertilizer, tilled it up again, then planted the garden.  We got so many vegs in that we were giving them away to family & friends.

    As far as the potatoes, the best date to plamt then, is on April 26-27, I’m planting sweet potatoes again this year and last year we got over 50 lbs of sweet potatoes in.  As far as planting the tomatoes & pepper plants, but wait until after April 22 to plant them, Never plant on the shrinking moon.  

    Hope this helps  :)

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