Summer 2012 Weather

Posted By: SparkleNana  Posted On: Mar 29th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

So..   what do you think this summer will be like? The Washington Post recently did an article on the TEN “warmest” March weathers.   And the summers following those ten!   They found that half of the ten summers were a little cooler than normal.   And half of the ten summers were a little warmer than normal.   (All within a “few degrees” of normal.) After a lengthy and fact-filled article…..   the writer said….   that he still thinks the summer of 2012 will be A LOT hotter than normal!!!! I FEAR that the summer of 2012 will be MUCH hotter than usual.      I’m not sure that “fearing” is the same as…   “thinking”.  (Just as our March was much hotter than usual.   In fact…   the March 2012 temperature…   was TEN DEGREES hotter than the usual March temperature!) My “usual” practice…   is to NOT plant anything…   after Memorial Day Weekend.   Because…   after that date…   my plants usually…   do NOT have enough time…   to establish a good enough “root system” to carry them through the….   endless summer!

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    yeppi excitement is coming.

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