Tomatoes with white leaves

Posted By: kevin revicki  Posted On: Apr 22nd, 2012  Filed Under: Home & Garden


I planted 2 diffrent kinds of tomatoes about 6 weeks ago. in my garage lot’s of light & heat Never below 60′. The tomatoes came up beautiful all 72 of them. Now all about 5” to 9” tall I have white leaves on 20-40% of the plant the rest is pure green lush leaves.. No yellow, brown or black spots. “white” on the plants. Just solid white leaves. I used jiffy mix in plastic 2x2x3 cells transplanted to a slightly bigger container used miracle grow, In low doses. looking,, somewhat healthy. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

  1. topguy458 says:

    if u find out why plz tell…mine are the same way…and something ate all the leaves off of one plant

  2. bloomin says:

    Lack of nitrogen and possible water issues. I have the same problem every year. I would just increase the nitrogen and if you are still having a problem invest in some thrive alive B1 supplement.
    Use as a foliar spray and in about 3-4 days they will be green and thriving again..

    happy gardening

  3. bloomin says:

    O yea Be carefull with B1, I have had to raise my light every day after the second application.
    I hope the weather breaks soon or i’ll be transplanting 3ft. tomato plants..


  4. kevin revicki says:

    The nitrogen worked very well, And yes more light. Plants are doing fine now and ready to be planted outside mothers day….. Now I hope for big tomatoes..

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