Help…My Flower Bed is a Litter Box

Posted By: lemonade8590  Posted On: Apr 25th, 2012  Filed Under: Home & Garden

Does anyone know a safe, natural way to keep the neighborhood cat from using my flower bed as a litter box?!!  My new house and my first flower bed and now there are piles where he has kindly covered his “presents”.  Any ideas are much appreciated!


  1. Delynn A says:

    Having several outdoor cats has posed a problem in our flower and vegetable gardens as well. Found several tips through surfing and the easiest seems to be simply laying something in the bed and around the plants that make it inconvenient for the kitties to dig. Some people use pieces of rabbit wire, others recommend small branches or twigs. Leaves and mulch aren’t enough because they can dig through it. The wire and twigs can be laid on a seed-sown bed and let the plants grow up through it, or placed around established plants,
    Hope this helps.

  2. remanley says:

    Here are my picks
    1. motion activated sprinkler, light, or noisemaker (sprinkler is awesome)
    2. carpet tack strips placed barely beneath soil (ouch when they scratch the soil)
    3. vinegar scent bombs (cotton balls soaked in vinegar) placed on top of soil, or put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the soil
    4. coyote urine scent bombs (coyote = predator)
    5. a lot of grated citrus peels placed on top of soil (the smell annoys them)

  3. maricybele says:

    Coyote urine
    hazelnut shell mulch they dont like it on their paws
    used coffee grounds… animals dont like them much
    little sticks in the bed,

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