Thyroid & calcium

Posted By: JillAnn  Posted On: Apr 29th, 2012  Filed Under: Cooking & Recipes

I have a thyroid problem, & of course can’t have calcium for about 4 hours after taking my med. This poses a problem with breakfast at times. Pancakes, waffles & french toast contain milk. Scratch those!
I do eat dry cereal & toast, canadian bacon, stuff like that. Has anyone come up with more ideas ? Thyroid patients, please note !

  1. abel255 says:

    Hi,  I also have Thyroid problems and I do have calcium containing foods approximately 1-2 hours after taking my meds. I have found that consistency is the key. If it is a daily ( or almost) routine then they can adjust the mcg’s needed to keep you in a good range. I have Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and take Synthroid and Cytomel. One is a T4 and the other is a T3. I have been this way for more years than I care to remember. Just a word of advice,  make sure they test your freeT4 and free T3. Don’t let them do the TOTAL test that they want to do. It doesn’t breakdown the amount of free horomes that are needed to convert to run your body. Some DRs look at you like you have lost your mind or been on the internet too much but stand your ground because they WORK FOR YOU and if they refuse DUMP THEM ! Your health is too important and good luck in life.  Christine

  2. JillAnn says:

    Thanks, Abel255 ! i’m about due for a checkup, & will certainly lean on the doc about T3 & T4 tests.

  3. freemanlee says:

    Hi i have thyroid too.can you drink soymilk?

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