Winter Revenge 2012/13?

Posted By: smackdown  Posted On: May 15th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I know winter is a long ways off but what the heck, it’ll make for some good conversation, right?  As we all have agreed this past winter was a total heart-breaking bust. But may be there is some hope of a turn around this upcoming winter.  This spring everything has been at least a month, if not more, early. The blackberries are already in bloom, lightning bugs are already out, various plant growing early and producing very well, the cotton wood trees are putting out more seed than I have ever seen, its literally pilling up on the ground like snow & of course the insects will be thick… etc.   With everything being at least a month early one is safe to assume winter will follow the same path.  And could it be that everything is “mass producing” to prepare for what is to come?  What say you?

  1. chipawalady says:

    Well, Smackdown, I don’t know where you are but,,, Here , Coleman, Michigan, the early warm weather sure was nice.. but…then we got a week or so of freezing temps at night.. It sure didn’t do my Lilacs any good. The flowers are very, very small, and half of them didn’t bloom at all. Can’t say anything about my tulips, the deer took care of them ! It seems like our deer just love anything that is red ! They have killed one of my beautiful climbing roses. So, this weekend I will be at the local nursery looking for plants that the deer will leave alone. I have tried all the different kinds of sprays, pellets, etc to keep the deer away, and nothing works. So, I am giving up on certain flowers, and shrubs. I think you are right about the up comming winter. I was sure that this last winter was going to be very snowy. All of the signs pointed to it. Been a long time since we have had a real winter ( snow that is ). I remember when I was a kid ( lol,, a long time ago ), it seemed like we had 10 foot every winter… my hubby says that was because I was shorter,, lol. Now that we are retired, I don’t care if we get 10 foot ! As a kid, that meant no school, and now… I don’t have to go out in it if I don’t want to. Safe travels to you Smackdown, and have a wonderful summer.

  2. tornadoes2 says:

    i wonder if 2012 2013 winter will be like 2006 when el nino was transition which will transition this year again, the oceans are warming up and will make it more severe and heat, storms, 2006 wasn’t global warming year, we were at the tipping point 1.5 degrees today we are at 1.9 to 2.0 will make it extreame am I right there fellows but it will get very stormy in the southern great lakes and the praries will be very hot and a lot of forest fires and dust storms.

  3. smackdown says:

    Chipa I live south of you in central IL. The weather is always changing here. I do like the spring/summer time. We have a ton of flowers etc. So I guess I should pass over this season just yet! But I can’t help to long for the winter that we didn’t have. I  don’t like the major heat & humidity. Tornadoes I believe you are correct. The long range projection mentions a couple of major heat waves in June/July & may August, followed by several outbreaks of severe/tornadic storms. So time will tell, guess we just have to sit back and hope for the best!

  4. buddy17474 says:

    I hope you’re right. Even though I live way south of you (Memphis), last winter was even dissapointing here. Each winter,  We usually get about 5-8 snowstorms with an inch or more. But last winter, our best snow was an inch that happened in NOVEMBER! I hope this winter will be better.

  5. tornadoes2 says:

    smog advisory has upgraded for southwestern ontario for today and tomorrow but we will see alot of humidity and dew points will create alot of big storms next month so we have to be on the look out for big storms this year el nino will be are major player for this coming  year and we’ll get the effects of severe outbreaks and tornadoes all of southwestern ontario windsor,ontario is over due for huge tornado outbreak the el nino will surpassed this winter coming up making it warm and extreame in the great lakes and we will have still deal with thunderstorms and severe weather for this winter also we will have much longer than normal season of summer from now to next year and beyond bc of the global warming so it will make extreame in the north and the south will have different extreame weather and cooler weather in the south and mild, and the north will feel like late spring warmth for the winter time averaging 80s sometimes 90s the sun cycle won’t go into hyper nation and has fully woken up and the oceans increasing warming up so things will be paranoium, we will have big complex system will put city lights into the dark ages mean that are lights won’t even come back  on bc the power will be going out bc of the heat this summer.

  6. Anthonypilone01 says:

    And what about the mid Atlantic region for this upcoming winter of 2012-2013?

  7. i love nicole says:

    2012-13 will be exceptionally cold and snowy, one of the harshest on record. 2012-13 will also arrive very early.  
    2013-14 will be very warm and dry. No mager snow will fall until March.

  8. buddy17474 says:

    Woah, where did you get that from? I just hope you’re right about 2012-2013 winter…

  9. snowlover says:

    Ilovenicole I sure hope you’re right because I love snow!  :)  Are there any signs or anything that makes you predict that, or just a hunch?

  10. i love nicole says:

    Well, it’s sort of a hunch but also, after doing tons of research on the past
    120 years of weather patterns, such as La Nina, neutral, and the famed El Niño, which is likely going to play
    at the least, a small role in this next winter, it’s starting to look like the right ingredients for a nationally epic
     snow year are coming together. 
    Summer, 2012 will be cool and wet. Fall, 2012 will be very early, as well as very cold and wet. Tons of early season snowfall. Spring and Summer of 2013 will also be exceptionally wet and fairly cool, as well.
    Fall, 2013 will begin to dry out. 

  11. buddy17474 says:

    If your right, then I can’t wait for Fall and Winter. Last winter, Memphis had an early November snow (Pretty early, especially for the warm winter we had), so that could easily happen again.  Every place in the nation deserves a cold winter.

  12. sapporo1 says:

    Been quite some time since I have posted here, but I will say, here in Palmer Lake, Colorado.  
    We had a less than average winter at best last year not to mention warmer than normal…and snowstorms were good, but snow melted away before we could even enjoy it, which is not normal at all for this area…no snow in November, extremely white Christmas, huge storm in February and no snow in March, and very little in April…hottest March ever recorded, and little by little the effects of long term drought raring it’s ugly head.
    I recently moved a few miles closer to the mountains…to the quiet little town of Palmer Lake, which is situated right up on the Front Range and also is the origin of the rocky outcropped ridge known as the Palmer Divide, and at an elevation of 7300 feet, usually receives much more moisture than both Colorado Springs and Denver, we normally get around 24 inches of precip a year, which includes around 120 inches of snow a year, but we have been running slightly to well below average for some time now, and the drought is yielding some bad results here, such as lake levels falling to record lows…grass now being nearly as thick or as green as normal…Colorado Springs looks like a desert right now…never seen it like that before…really scares me.
    I really hope this year brings significant relief to both us and our mountains, we all need it badly, especially during the fall and winter months, I certainly hope we see a way above average precip winter, because that is what it is going to take at the very least to bring any real lasting drought relief in Colorado..and restore the mountains and plains to their natural beauty…instead of struggling not to turn into a wasteland in some locals, the only area in Colorado that is truly dry normally, is the San Luis Valley, which is blocked on all sides by mountains, therefor, receives less precip, in fact, even less than Phoenix, AZ.
    Anyways, I certainly hope that this winter brings at least some good news for all of us who have had to suffer through a series of bad years (AKA drought years)
    I would certainly like to see a good winter for a change, and a good spring, summer, etc. 

  13. smackdown says:

    I am encouraged! Ilovenicole I also hope that you are right. I have had the same thoughts about this up coming winter, hence my forum title. The “Old Man” needs to wake from his slumber and reclaim his past glory.Bring on the early winter!

  14. snowlover says:

    I will pray for rain for your area Sapporo1.  I love Nicole’s forecast; I’mma start getting ready to get ready:)  So far we’ve (Richmond, VA) had a rainy/cool June.  However, we’re to go into the 90s by Sunday 6/10.

  15. i love nicole says:

     Sapporo1, I know exactly what you mean. I lived in Durango, Colorado, for almost 9 years. The drought out there is slowly (and sadly) worsening. The dust from Arizona, during the spring months, is horrible. I just recently moved to central Tennessee, unfortunately, and summer here has been surprisingly chilly. If you live on the front rage in Colorado, then I’m sure you remember the huge Colorado blizzards in December, 2006. Had to drive through that wicked winter storm. 
      Anyways, 2012-13 should be an all out epic season in most regions of the U.S. Sounds like El Niño will fuel this winter. Worst case scenario, the storms stay too far to the south, as El Nino typically favors the southern states for snow and cold, while La Nina, as you’ve noticed, is quite the opposite.

  16. tornadoes2 says:

    i love nicole i live in southwestern ontario and when we had that el nino in 2006 it was warm the winter with couple snow falls in late winter but this el nino is alot worse then the other bc last few the weather extream not then before so yeah ur right the northern will see heat in the winter time which will see more tornadic storm here eastern northern conus appalachians and new zealands is getting winter and india is getting el nino and hot weather with blackout we have one more chance for us to see nice weather before the summer gets like doozy, heat and storm will be in the increase and 50% of likelihood of el nino which we are in the watch this year is similiar then 2006, that year was alot quieter then what we r expecting to be alot worse its not going to be too pretty enjoy ur life right now before mankind destroy are climate and its not going to pretty the earth is flipping now things will be very exciting but scary too, bc we could go into starvation and are climate is very fickle to be in the environment we r in, theres no way out to fix the problem only god will have the answer for mankind to find out whats the problem for us in the future.

  17. i love nicole says:

    Tornadoes2, that is so true; It is exciting but scarey at the same time. Exciting, in a way, because it will be interesting to see what our climate will be like, say 10 years from. Or even 20 or 40 years from now, you know?   
     But, you know something interesting? They say that all these warmer temps and drought is due to a warming trend that we’ve been in since 1980. It’s supposedly supposed to end in 2016. Then, in 2017, it’s supposed to start a cooling trend. 

  18. tornadoes2 says:

    u r very right and by the time 2016 rolls around are winter will be spring, summer will be very hot and very humid all this suns activity could spell some radiation on the earth atmosphere which could cause cancer in the ozone layer effecting humans too. We are at the 11 year cycle with the suns active sunspot if the mayans are right then strong el nino is on the horizone south will get snow which we will have to see what happens, and have safe week.

  19. sapporo1 says:

    I do live on the front range I love Nicole, an area you may know pretty well as the Palmer divide, and you probably also know how severe the weather typically gets any time of year here.
    However, as of late, we have been lacking any moisture at all up here, alimit little do most know how lush and green it normally is here, but right now,y’all that beautiful grass is dying due to serious lack of moisture, and I can only hope we can get a few real stormy seasons around here, so that perhaps our beautiful Palmer lake won’tcompletely dry out…it would be real sad to see such a lively little fishing spot lose it’s fragile ecosystem due to something as heinous as a stupid drought, that’s just unthinkable.
    Just this year, a 30+ pound northern pike was caught there, as well as some rainbow trout that were in the 7-12 pound range. 

  20. sapporo1 says:

    Hmmm, this phone enters text I never typed…odd, oh well I am sure we all get the gist of what I am saying

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