Allergies & Whatever !

Posted By: JillAnn  Posted On: Jun 2nd, 2012  Filed Under: Health & Natural Cures

Allergies are bad this summer–apparently everywhere. I’m not sure if that’s what’s bugging me now : could be sinus too. I use my neti pot, Breathe Right strips ( are those a great invention, or what ) !
Also an asprin at night & even Vicks. Won’t go to a dr. unless necessary. They think a prescription solves the world’s worst problems. If I run out of neti pot solution, I use baking soda & canning salt for the solution. Same thing as whats in those little packets anyway.
Anyone else suffering this summer & what do you do ?

  1. naturewalk says:

    In addition to what you’re already doing, try the following: replace any a/c filters with allergan filters, you can find them at k-mart; replace sheets and pillow-cases with “allergy/asthma” bedding.  buy asthma bed pillows, even if you don’t have asthma, they’re made with a tighter cotton weave, so you breath in less dust, mites, etc. Make sure all you’re bedding is 100% cotton and wash spread/comforter frequently.  it sounds like a lot, but if you switch to “allergy” bedding, you’ll sleep a whole lot better.  i admit, i still wake up with bad sinuses sometimes.  also, product called Nasalcrom is helpful, hard to find but some drugstores have it.

  2. USAclimatereporter says:

    i have allergies and i take medicine for it i always look at the pollen report before i do anything outside or even inside

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