Warmest Temperatures

Posted By: buddy17474  Posted On: Jun 6th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

We are in some of the last days of Spring, so Summer is just upon us. Many of us have already seen temperatures in the 90′s. So, you can post here the warmest temperature that has been recorded in you’re location ALL year. If you want to, you can put the date, location, and notes.

Temperature: 95 degrees
Dates: May 28 and 29
Location: Olive Branch, MS (I usually say Memphis since it’s nearby)

-  11 degrees above average
– 2 degrees from record high of the day
– Next forecasted temperature that warm won’t be until July (A couple of 94′s later this month)

  1. buddy17474 says:

    By the way, I got my information from Accuweather, if you type in your city you can look at a calendar of past temperatures and forecasted temperatures for the rest of June.

  2. buddy17474 says:

    Woah, nevermind. Looks like there’s gonna be a 98 later this month!

  3. buddy17474 says:

    Ok, summer is really starting to suck. Highs aren’t expected to go below 90 until a month or longer. There’s supposed to be a heat wave at the end of the month, causing six consecutive days with highs above 100. Gosh, this summer is going to be horrible.

  4. snowlover says:

    Thanks Buddy I’ll have to check out Accu weather for Richmond, VA’s highs this year.  I know March was a doozy.  We set a lot of record high temperatures!  Spring has been average for us.  I’m hoping that this summer won’t be too hot. 

  5. TheMaineMan says:

    It was 94 degrees yesterday. Very warm.
    Was “only” in the 80s today.

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