Wet and Warm

Posted By: toddboetzel  Posted On: Jun 28th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I live in south central wisconsin and farm, look to the almanac regularly for a weather guide, it predicted our summer to be wet and warm, we only are seeing hot and dry, if it doesn’t rain soon we are finished?  Anyone see any relief coming in the way of RAIN?????????????? 

  1. stuffradio says:

    I’m looking for Sunshine. Can I send you some rain via buckets?

  2. toddboetzel says:

    Anything we can get!!!  Thanks looking forward to it!!

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    We had over 8 inches of rain in June, compared to our average of approximately 4 inches. We had twice as much rain as normal. It’s been much drier lately though.

  4. awortman2 says:

    Madison, WI got 0.3 inches in June compared to the average 4.8.  All the storm systems seem to evaporate around us as they move east.  I’m wondering if the lack of snow from this winter has something to do with the rain being repelled away.

  5. TheMaineMan says:

    The heat and humidity are as bad today as they’ve been all year. Temperature in the mid-80s, but the dew point has gone above the 70 mark. I miss the days in June where it was still going into the upper 40s at night.
    Tomorrow night’s forecast low is 52 degrees… can’t wait to open the windows and let that fresh air in!

  6. tornadoes2 says:

    the humidity will be in the increase from now to end of october and august and through october severe storms will ramp up across the great lakes.

  7. toddboetzel says:

    Interesting info how do you figure that out?

  8. USAclimatereporter says:

    it rained here in new york city finally yesterday without it raining for a week each day it was like 85 degrees or a little less or a little more but the tempature really dropped when it rained for the winter the farmers almanac was wrong but it was mostly right this summer …….. anyway they make the predictions almost two years in advance before they sell it i hope the farmers almanac predicts a lot of snow next winter for new york city there was only ten inches of snow this year and the farmers almanac predicted a wet and wild winter i am not sure if they meant a lot of rain or a lot of snow or a lot of both there was average rain but above winter tempatures this winter

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