My thoughts on winter 2012/2013

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Jul 21st, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I dunno if i agree with this map usal in my area we get pelted with snow im in the lake effect snow belt zone. I do think just by looking at nature and how it’s been in the past year i think the midwest point east to the eastcoast will get blasted with cold and snow. the upper midwest like states the boarder canada it will be warm and muggy with little snow. and the westcoast to the northwest will get early cold and snow. But as the months go on like DJF etc it will start to warm up and be less cold and less snowy. These are clearly my thoughts i have no proof but i got a sense on nature and thats how i feel winter 2012/2013 will pan out.





  1. Ennaedwyn says:

    My gut tells me the midwest is going to get hammered. It wouldn’t surprise me if after the drought, we get hit with a nasty winter. But time will tell.

  2. tornadoes2 says:

    i think this winter will be tornado winter bc the planet is warming up rapidly and its getting very humid and muggy.

  3. fatima32 says:

    i’ll be forecasting very soon don’t worry

  4. sapporo1 says:

    Well, Fatima, just don’t forget your pal here in Colorado, missed you man, haven’t seen you around since last fall, welcome back, but yeah, don’t forget to include the rockies and front range in your forecast, looking forward to seeing your thoughts and discussing it.

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