according to sounds to me like they’re predicting a very cold and snowy winter

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Many areas according to them and i as well include: the northeast, to the mid atlantic to the southeast practically down the whole east coast will see a very cold and snowy winter! Here are the two links, one with two videos and the other with the maps and written out forecast. (now, on the forecast the area with the dark blue should be swapped with the light blue so the great lakes should have the light blue with below average temps and the area with the light blue shading, should have the dark blue coding with very below average temperatures but over all, this forecast sounds accurate to me and the comparison between the el nino and la nina years of snowfall will blow your mind as it’ll show what could happen this year as a result of the previous la nina and this comparison is in video #2. Well, check out the links for yourselves and reply your anticipations of this winter and what you all expect and all that good stuff. interesting winter on tap, on our hands.

The Videos:
The written out forecasts with the maps:

  1. fatima32 says:

    We could see images like these this winter so get ready!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fatima32 says:

    wouldn’t post my photos online from google

  3. The Rickster says:

    Man Fatima, your computer went crazy. But anyway, I’m hoping the maps are correct. I live in South Carolina, so a Cold and Snow winter is something me, and alot of other people would LOVE to see. This past winter was a fail as you probably already know. Hopefully, it’ll come back with a vengeance. Not the kind that kills, but the kind that says “Yall had a sucky winter last year. let me reimburse you for your disappointment.” 

  4. Ennaedwyn says:

    Looking good for the midwest (well my area so far) I LOOOOOVE snow. And this is from a Floridian native.

  5. sapporo1 says:

    Well let’s just hope that the east coast isn’t the only place that gets all the moisture, as nobody needs it more than the west and central 2/3rds of the nation.

  6. fatima32 says:

    the west got hammered with snow last winters now the east coast southeast northeast and mid atlantic atleast will hopefully get their chance.

    @the rickster  yeah the computer went crazy, but anyway hopefully our cold and snowy winter will return with a vengeance in a good way! and the website says, ”will winter return with a vengeance?”, sounds interesting.

  7. djd9 says:

    I would love to see more snow this winter. Since moving here to Denver 4 years ago we have only gotten two or three large snow falls each season with snow powderings here and there elsewise. When I lived here before in ’69, there was a lot of snow over the winter. I used to walk in it, and loved the way it billowed out around my feet. It’s been hot here, and thinking about the coming fall/winter season is a mind treat!

  8. sapporo1 says:

    Which west got hammered last year? the west of never neverland?
    We had record low snowpack across many mountain locations, and nobody saw even close to average snowfall last winter, which led to severe water shortages and the worst wildfire season in history.
    About the only location that saw above normal or even normal snowfall was the cascades of Washington, you’re an awesome guy Fatima, but try to make sure you have your facts straight before you make a knowledge claim like that.
    Yes, granted we did get an occasional snowstorm at unusual times of year, but all in all, we were all way below normal from the great basin to the rockies to the central plains and the northeast, the only two areas that saw most of the snow were Washington and Texas.

  9. fatima32 says:

    @sapporo1 well, first of all colorado in certain parts had lots of plentiful snowfall, and you’re a cool guy and all but just sayin that compared to down here in southeast virginia on average and compared to last year, colorado had a lot more snow than we got and that’s for sure so make sure you have your facts straight because mine are good.

  10. sapporo1 says:

    Well, I suppose I can also say that there is a difference between seeing something in computer data, and being in the area and see what the actuality is, sorry Fatima, didn’t mean to downplay the northeast and their sucky winter last year, I was just saying that we really fare well at all either compared to what’s normal, don’t forget that the snow that falls across the northeast tends to be very wet in terms of moisture content, whereas the snow around here tends to be very dry and airy, so statistics can be quite decieving, around here we have to get alot of snow for it to mean anything as far as moisture, we can get a foot of snow and it still translates to less than a quarter of an inch of rainfall, so below normal snowfall around here can translate to well below normal precip, that is my point, nobody here got above average snowfall and most of us, save the far southeast plains got even average snowfall, and with as dry and fluffy as most of it was, it translated to far below normal precip, so yes, it was a drier than average year last year for us too, my friend who lives in Breckenridge told me that the ski resort there had less than 50% of normal snowpack for most of the winter, Breckenridge is along the continental divide which is where most of the rivers in this great nation begin, so when those mountains are that low in snowpack, it spells disaster for most of the country, the midwest knows what I am talking about, because they are suffering because the mississippi is low, it is this low because all the rivers that drain into it are very low and they are low because of very low snowpak in the rocky mountains, save for Montana.

  11. tornadoes2 says:

    windsor ontario and south central ontario could get a violent severe thunderstorms set up keep on the ec.

  12. fatima32 says:

    it’s all good sapporo i’m just know certain peeps from colorado that showed me pictures of snowstorms so it was computer data it was actual facts but everything’s cool.

  13. fatima32 says:

    hopefully el nino will be bringing quite a surprise sooner than we all think

  14. fatima32 says:

    type in on google: blizzard on radar
    you’ll see virginia on where i got hammered by a kwanzaa snowstorm/blizzard 2 winters ago in norfolk and virginia beach!

    i posted snowy url’s of what our winter will look like and how bad it may get but the computer’s acting retarded so forget it.

  15. pearlss says:

    WOW! Love that map. If only it would come true, I’d be happy (although my son & daughter-n-law maybe not so much since they are in the hills of VA and get waaaay more snow then NC any year :).

  16. ShawnM says:

    I live in the central/east central Missouri area, and I would like to know Fatima if Missouri including the central/east central Missouri area will get clobbered with snow this winter? Maybe even a blizzard or two? I am also a thundersnow fan. We haven’t had that since December 2006 that time was cool yet brutal it was like 4 inches of snow per hour for 4 or 5 hours we got like 18 inches of snow at that time.  I like cold and snow more than cold rain, freezing rain and sleet!  

  17. USAclimatereporter says:

    in the past couple of years we have had some serious snow but not this year in new york city it was hot most of the winter and only 10 inches of snow or a little less

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