Post here when u get your first foggy August morning!!

Posted By: dynahstee  Posted On: Aug 1st, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Yesssss, we got our 1st one this morning!!!  August 1st…..surely hope we get plenty more to come!!  Sick of this heat and can’t wait for the big cool down……

  1. snowlover says:

    Yes, I too had my first foggy morning here in Richmond Virginia!  It was foggier west of us in Charlottesville.  Charlottesville usually get more snow that we do too.    Here’s to many more foggy August mornings!!!!

  2. buddy17474 says:

    I could see the heat in the air this morning…….not fog :(

  3. Delstein says:

    Didn’t see fog this morning, though I think there was some in other locations in the Columbus area.

  4. snowlover says:

    Patchy fog in the area, thicker south of me in Petersburg, VA.  I’ll take patchy :)

  5. TheMaineMan says:

    Sort of foggy, sort of rain/mist rising up after rainy nights, both days so far.

  6. ShawnM says:

    I believe today is the first fog of August in Fulton, MO! :)

  7. buddy17474 says:

    It looked a little misty this morning, don’t know if I can rule it as fog. Memphis, TN

  8. Shadowloki10 says:

    It was kind of foggy or maybe it was just really misty  this morning when I went running. It was really humid and about 70 degrees so it didn’t really make sense that it was foggy.

  9. snowlover says:

    Foggy mornings in August is one of Nature’s signs in some areas of supposedly a bad winter (or good in our case:)  I started on this forum at the end of summer or beginning of fall in  2009.  I remember reading about the foggy August mornings and immediately remembered a particular August morning where the fog was VERY thick and stayed that way till well after 10:00 am!!!!!   That following Winter was cold, and snowy.  We even had snow for the holidays!!!  So ever since I’ve been paying attention to foggy mornings in August.  Looking for a clue from Mother Nature is the closest I get to predicting the weather for winter.  Nature signs and you guys on FA with your maps and predictions get me excited for the upcoming 2nd half of the year!  Have a good weekend my F/A family!

  10. sapporo1 says:

    Big cold front moving in tonight, and fog and low clouds expected for the morning, along with highs tomorrow topping out in the upper 60s or low 70s here, definitely a nice relief from the above normal heat that has plagued us for much of the summer, likely a good sign of the times to come (transition into fall)

  11. sapporo1 says:

    Awesome, 49 degrees with low, dark and hazy clouds and a little mist this morning in Palmer Lake, perfect late summer morning for me, hopefully it really does correlate with snowstorms later on, though not a bit of folklore I would bank on if I were you, but it does make for a comfortable morning, especially when you add a light breeze from the north to the mix.

  12. TheMaineMan says:

    Nice. I haven’t seen the upper 40s since June. Tonight’s forecast low is 71 degrees thanks to the high humidity.
    No fog this morning, but I could see my breath even though it was 65 degrees. Now that’s humid!

  13. Grandin says:

    Ive had 10 foggy mornings so far where i live. with 5 of them bening dense i couldn’t see 5 feet in front of me.

  14. rickymadialessi says:

    i have had 17 foggy mornings this month

  15. huntersc says:

    Hey all just created a new website for weather.  I am still a novice but please check it out.  I plan on updating it as soon as new info comes out about this winter. 

  16. Jayne1954 says:

    We have had a few, maybe more foggy mornings so far this month. There may have been quite a few more but I am not up early enough to see them. This morning the fog was pretty dense and hung around for awhile. Tomorrow morning may be another dense fog morning the weatherman said earlier. So we will see how this all works out for us here in the Panhandle of WV this winter.

  17. snowboi1 says:

    I know ive seen one but thats all ive been up for to see.

  18. pearlss says:

    So far until today, we’ve had really light fog, though areas around here have had heavy. Today we were in the soup!

  19. snowlover says:

    Where are you located Pearlss?  We had patchy fog this morning.  For the August total we had 6 days with patch fog; and 3 days with thick fog.  Take into consideration that I did not get up very early on the weekends. :)

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