September, October, November & December

Posted By: sonnysnow92  Posted On: Aug 2nd, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

  1. Delstein says:

    I know! I heard Omaha only got .01″ of rain for all of July. It hasn’t been that bad here in Central Ohio, but we were still down 2.25″ for last month and it was hotter than July 1936. We’ve had–37 I think?–days at 90 or above. It’s been brutal. 

  2. snowboi1 says:

    Hate that hot and humid crap for sept.

  3. USAclimatereporter says:

    i hope it snows a lot in new york city

  4. Grandin says:

    In my area for the month of November it says stormy and cold. whats the stormy mean? like snow or ice or etc?

  5. snowlover says:

    ..and could you elaborate on unsettled too please?  Storms from hurricanes perhaps?

  6. rickymadialessi says:

    i hope i have at least a foot for cristmas  here in wmass

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