New Official 2012-2013 United States Winter Forecast

Posted By: Weatherforecaster103  Posted On: Aug 3rd, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

  1. snowangel78 says:

    looks good just hope western NY south of buffalo see some major snow storms.

  2. ShawnM says:

    Weatherforecaster103 what is your winter forecast for Missouri I live in the central Missouri/east central Missouri area. How much snow do you think we will get just by guessing? I hope it’s more snow than sleet. I definately don’t want any ice storm warnings. :)

  3. Grandin says:

    i hope my sector comes true im ready got the lake effect snows and cold cold cold.

  4. Delstein says:

    As usual, Central Ohio’s on the boundary line. This time it’s between “Cold and Snowy” and “Brutally Cold with Alberta Clippers.” We don’t really get much of the lake effect snows. But, any real winter this year is fine with me. 

  5. Ohio 5-O says:

    Delstein, at least you’ll be gettin some real winter just like you said(knockin on wood as I type this) but honestly you’re probably leaning toward the cold and snowy side same with me here in Cleveland but as long as I see a real winter I’m happy. 

  6. Weatherforecaster103 says:

    ShawnM, Missouri will see more snow than sleet. Whatever sleet falls in the storms will be very little. I don’t know how much snow will fall so it will be a few months before i can guess how much will fall.

  7. snowboi1 says:

    Well whys the pink down the South Carolina coast as it wasnt like that on your first map u did other week?

  8. Weatherforecaster103 says:

    Snowboi1 the pink is down along the coast because I think the temperatures are going to lean more to a favorable side where it will be a winter battle zone. The rason being is also because sometimes cold shallow air will come down there and warm moiste air will over-ride it and cause more of an snowy, and icy situation.

  9. smackdown says:

    Looks like im right on the line here in IL, maybe we will get the best of both worlds… I can only hope!  Great map.

  10. larzke says:

    Weatherforcaster103, what do you think about an earlyJanuary ski trip in Utah? Last year was a real disappointment.

  11. Weatherforecaster103 says:

    Well I think Utah will have most of the cold and snow in January, so you might be in luck!

  12. rmgladhill says:

    weatherforecaster 103, what do you think Maryland will have in the way of snow this year and when do you think we could see our first snowfall?

  13. Cassidy says:

    Hey ya’ll!! Well I certainly hope Charleston SC get colder this winter than it did last. We still had bugs, mosquito’s, no see-ums all the way thru the winter. I had azalea’s, daffidols, tulips all bloomed by the end of Feb. I moved south a few yrs ago from Maryland, my husband is from OH, and we sure do miss the seasons. Any thoughts on what kind of weather we may have here in Charleston SC this winter? I just hope it gets cold enough long enough to kill the damn bugs. Its been awful here this summer. Hot, humid, sauna like. We have had over 30+ days in the 90′s with heat indexs of 105-110. Seriously sick of this summer. Hope everyone gets what they are wishing for this winter. It def cant be any worse than last winter was. ha. Take care all….

  14. ShawnM says:

    Hey Weatherforecaster103 do you think there is a chance for winter time thunderstorms in central/east central Missouri including thundersnow?

  15. bethanym828 says:

    weatherforecaster 103, What about Asheville NC?

  16. tbartlett0727 says:

    I live in Georgia and am glad to see we are getting a potential great winter this year.  But does anyone know what the BattleZone means?

  17. USAclimatereporter says:

    i hpoe it does snow a lot because this year in new york city there was only  10 inches of snow

  18. applechicken101 says:

    weatherforcaster103, when will winter weather start for me? I’m near poughkeepisie in ny

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