A weather question

Posted By: Delstein  Posted On: Aug 5th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

So, I was looking over snowfall records for Central Ohio, and I came across the symbol “M”. I know that “T” usually means trace, so what does “M” mean? Is it a weather term for a dusting or could not be measured? 

  1. buddy17474 says:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing. I was thinking it stood for ‘Measurable’ but that can’t be it because you’d think it would just say the measurment instead. So I really don’t know. I hope someone can answer it for the both of us.

  2. Delstein says:

    I’ve done a little looking around on more weather records and saw an almanac for this August. On all days past the fifth, there were Ms in every single category (high, low, avg., etc.). This leads me to believe that “M” means not measured. I’m not sure though.

  3. USAclimatereporter says:

    m means moderate like in the middle of a little and a lot

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