NYC Winter

Posted By: USAclimatereporter  Posted On: Aug 7th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

     If you live in New York City then you know it is a cold and snowy winter. In the middle of January there is usually a blizzard that sends you out of power. Some winter blizzards in New  York City stop the city buses and that never happens. New York City has been pounded with a blizzard that produced two feet of snow. Then the next year New York City would have not that much snow.
     Some winters are a couple degrees above average in New York City. The wind is constant for most of the time with gusty winds. People sometimes have to dress like they are in North Dakota. Many people freeze in the winter of New York City. Sometimes it reaches 10F below zero.
     Yes, if you are a child that plays in the snow you would like it, but adults don’t like all that shoveling that you have to do if you have to get to work. Some blizzards in New York City produce thunder and hail.
     During the winter in New York City it is a kid’s dream, but an adult’s nightmare. 

  1. Grandin says:

    thanks for the insight on  NYC winter. Now come to where i live and you will see snow by the feet off lake michigan.

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