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Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Aug 8th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Ok so i live in northwest Indiana right off Lake Michigan like 3 blocks from the lake. and about 45 miles due west of Chicago. And all spring and summer long it has been in the mid to upper 90′s with alot of 100 degree days.  The months of March/April/May/June were the hottest months ever recorded. And i thought August was gonna be hot and dry too.  But we only had one 90 degree day so far and no 100 degree day yet and it’s been raining more as well. And Thursday it will be in the lower 70′s for day time high’s and on Friday it’s suppose to be 69 degree’s and rain all day! So 2 1/2 weeks ago we go from 106 degrees to a nice 69 degree day on Friday with rain! That’s crazy as heck. And NOAA has been very blunt on saying how hot it will be for the united states in the month of August well i been peaking at the 25 day outlook and temps stay in the upper 70′s to mid to upper 80′s with no real big time heat.. Now out west in the plains there gonna broil in the heat still i feel bad i seriously do. But in September looks to be that the united states will start to cool way down and be alot more wetter. Fall and winter is coming guys just be patient.. Anyone else have a weather story? Please share it with us..



  1. Delstein says:

    We had 37 days between 90 and 100 and 4 days in the triple digits. We were down I think 2.25 inches of rain in July and it was hotter than July 1936. I could keep going on and on about how we had more than double our average days with highs at 90 or above (Average: 18) or about how our highest low was 76 degrees, which is about our forecast HIGH for tomorrow. It’s been crazy. First time I’ve seen it get to 100 here. Luckily, we’re finally getting some rain and it’s finally cooling down.

  2. USAclimatereporter says:

    it was like that here too one day it was 100 degrees then it was 70 in new york city

  3. TheMaineMan says:

    After getting more than double our average rainfall in the month of June, we got less than half of our average rainfall in July (only got 1.5 inches against 3.67 average). So we’re not really in drought conditions at this time, but things are dry. If we don’t see some rain soon, I’m a bit concerned about fall foliage because dry summer tends to lead to lame fall colors, while lots of rain usually brings brilliant fall foliage.
    Things have stayed hot here. A few nights ago we had one dry, cool night where we turned the A/C off, opened the windows and enjoyed the fresh air. Then we were running the A/C the next day again. On the bright side, we went swimming at my wife’s family’s pool and the water was 83 degrees, which is very rare up here. Usually pools are in the upper 70s at best during a warm spell. Even the ocean is in the mid-60s which is almost unheard of, usually tops out in the upper 50s in September.
    Have barely had any thunderstorms lately… overall nice weather as in sunny and warm, just very muggy at night and hard to sleep without running A/C on high…

  4. TheMaineMan says:

    Just wondering Dan did you come to Maine yet, or is that later on?

  5. Grandin says:

    We came on July 26th ta August 6th. we had a fun time in maine as allways you guys on the eastcoast were real nice to my family and me. Big reason why were moving to New Hampshire inland. had alot of fun cant wait ta do it again. I wanted to come later on but my son’s football paratice and games are starting this week. and he starts school next wednesday THANK GOD! nah im playing i like taking him to work with me he is a huge help. When we come to maine one summer or etc we should chill manineman if u want. let me know. but yes the resort was fun and jam packed with tons of things to do..

  6. Grandin says:

    wow this was 8 pages back! climate reporter u like to reply to every theard from 2 years ago! nice..

  7. The Rickster says:

    Indeed. It is what it is. But it has been hot in SC, as many of you can imagine. Lol. I get excited when I see lows in the upper 60s now-and-days. 

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