2012-2013 Winter Storm Tracks Prediction!

Posted By: Grandin  Posted On: Aug 10th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Storm tracks for this up coming 2012/2013 winter track. ~Dan~


  1. pearlss says:

    Not so good for western NC I see. Couple of years ago we were right in the track and got a wonderful Christmas snow (see Avatar).

  2. smackdown says:

    Anything will be better than last year. I enjoy your maps.

  3. buddy17474 says:

    If only the one going through Arkansas would move just some to the east….lol

  4. snowangel78 says:

    looks like one will be hitting western NY I hope

  5. Delstein says:

    The turquoise one looks promising for Central Ohio. And, do you make these maps yourself, and if not, where do you get them? I want to see this website.

  6. The Rickster says:

    Those tracks are potential snow makers for South Carolina :D Works for me. 

  7. ShawnM says:

    I like the track moving toward Missouri!

  8. USAclimatereporter says:

    there is a low jet stream near where i live which is new york city

  9. weatherman911 says:

    Thats what i like to see haha i live on Long Island 

  10. Weatherforecaster103 says:

    Pearlss the tracks along the coast enhances the snow amounts for Western NC the storms that go up the middle of NC  gives us ice-stroms.

  11. weatherman911 says:

    @USAclimatereporter nice to know your from New York me to dude

  12. Grandin says:

    i feel alone. alot of peeps on here are from the eastcoast and here im from north indiana. it’s cool to be the different one. me and the family are moving to new hampshire soon though!

  13. fatima32 says:

    i believe the whole east coast mid atlantic to northeast to southeast to deep south will see a very cold and snowy return this upcoming winter and according to your tracks it also looks to to be accurate for these areas to see a cold and snowy winter this winter in i believe that map is very accurate the mid atlantic and northeast and southeast and deep south all of those areas especially will be in for a special treat!

  14. The Rickster says:

    I agree with Snowangel78. Hope Fatima is right. No joke.

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