I Will Release My Next Winter Forecast September 8th.

Posted By: Weatherforecaster103  Posted On: Aug 12th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

In my next winter forecast I will go into a little more depth and show you why this upcoming winter is going to be an interesting one. Ok take care everyone.

  1. Grandin says:

    Kinda like the matthew’s forecast on weather advacne. Your maps look like his too. ‘just typin’

  2. Weatherforecaster103 says:

    Thats because I am Matthew for weatheradvance.com but shhh thats a secret lol.

  3. Grandin says:

    the word is mum with me. nice maps i share your work too. but since i know this is you i wont anymore. lol

  4. Weatherforecaster103 says:

    Its ok you can still share my maps I give you permission to use my maps.

  5. sapporo1 says:

    Well, I will agree that the Northeast will see above normal precip this winter, possibly below normal temperatures, however, I do not believe that only the east will see it, though that is in the realm of possibility, it could also just as well end up being radically false, just as my prediction for an insanely snowy colorado this winter could go either way, anyways, didn’t meanto narc too much on weatheradvance, I just think it is a little early for anyone to be able to pin it down just yet, after all, let’s not forget what happened last year, just be careful not to get everyone’s hopes up just yet, as it would be nice to see more positive energy this winter.
    I always say, prepare for the worst and hope for the best, here’s to hope for a better winter for everyone, except for those lucky schmucks in the PNW, lol jk 

  6. whiteout says:

    Whats so lucky about the PNW?
    Down near the coast, we got very little snow last year. Most of it were melting slush that barely stayed. Now, with the El nino coming, snow will likely be below normal too. lol
    The only change is for the PDO to remain negative, but its already showing signs of warming.

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