Refridgerator tip

Posted By: USAclimatereporter  Posted On: Aug 12th, 2012  Filed Under: Home & Garden

If your fridge is more than a couple of years old , it’s seal might not be as tight as it used to be. To save energy and keep your food colder first clean the door’s gasket then rub it with Vaseline to ensure a tighter seal

  1. TheMaineMan says:

    Good tip, I know another one:
    If your fridge is the kind that has exposed metal coils on the outside or where dust can get on them, make sure to periodically dust these off. Your fridge works by pumping freon through these pipes and coils, which carries the heat from inside of the fridge and radiates it into the surrounding space behind the fridge (it literally moves the heat from inside of the fridge to outside of the fridge). However, dust is a very good insulator, so when these coils are dusty it takes a lot more pumping (and electricity) to radiate enough heat away. Just once a year will usually do.

  2. HLNewman says:

    I’m sorry- what’s the “door’s gasket”?

    My fridge definitely needs some help!

    Thanks for these tips!

  3. says:

    HLNewman, I believe the door’s gasket is the rubber edge that runs between the inside edge of the door and the outside edge of the fridge where the door meets it when it’s closed.

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