We’re getting closer!!!

Posted By: buddy17474  Posted On: Aug 13th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

It’s mid-August, so December isn’t too far away! (Or whenever winter really starts for you.) We’ve gotten through the majority of summer, there might be a few more hot days for some of us, but we’ve gotten through the worst. According to a staff member, the 2012: Winter in Review will be out on August 20th. I’m sure they won’t have anything good to say about last winter. It was a snowhater’s dream come true.  And the FA’s office 2013 outlook will be out on August 27th, just two weeks from now! I can’t wait for all this!

  1. buddy17474 says:

    I forgot to say FA’s office WINTER outlook. Forgot the winter. Now, how could I do that to the most important word?

  2. vincent1 says:

    the almanac is out rough winter in the east mild in the west.

  3. snowangel78 says:

    what about the northeast? Is the northeast gonna have a rough winter?

  4. i love nicole says:

    I think here in southwestColorado, it’s going to be very snowy and quite cold. Huge early season too!!

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