How’s those signs of Mother Nature coming along for winter?

Posted By: pearlss  Posted On: Aug 14th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

As for us, we’ve had enormous bugs this year! We killed 2 really huge spiders who were fighting it out for the same space over the weekend and guess what? There’s another one there now! And nothing like going out in the mornings with the dogs for 1st run and getting a face full of web! Most are high, very few in the grass this year (webs that is).

We don’t have many oak trees in this particular area so can’t tell you about acorns, but I will say the pine cones are huge as well. The rabbits have been going nuts and the squirrels have been more active then usual.

So far this August here, we’ve seen about 3 light foggy days, nothing substantial yet, which would really be a poo for us if they actually predicted snow storms.

One really odd thing though. Usually when the night air turns cool and “fallish” the moths start flying at our feet before dying out (which is our dogs favorite time of year of course – things to chase around). For as warm as the weather has continued to be at night, even hubby noticed that the moths are doing this already! Not really sure what this means. Anyone have a clue?

We are in the path of a “cold” front for this weekend and for the first time it will actually make a difference. Last one only dropped us from high 90′s to mid 90′s. This one will drop us from high 80′s/low 90′s to high 70′s/low 80′s. So looking forward to it.

  1. pearlss says:

    Hubby hasn’t cut down the forest yet in front of our persimmon tree, so I can’t tell you if we even have berries yet, let alone how far along they are. ;)

  2. Shadowloki10 says:

    I am in Northern VA and have noticed the spiders are spinning webs like crazy up on my deck and upper windows. The deer are out in large numbers but no squirrels. I see one here and there but none in my woods. I am seeing a lot of gypsy moth cacoons in the trees but I think that is normal. The nights are finally cooling below 70 degrees. Acorns have been falling from the trees for months now but I think that is due to the dry summer. Leaves are also changing and starting to fall but again I think that is the dry summer

  3. buddy17474 says:

    I had a foggy day this morning. Today’s high was 83 and and a low of 66. Pretty good compared to past weather.

  4. pearlss says:

    We had to go up to King, NC yesterday and I happened to notice a couple of trees were turning already. Beautiful reds and oranges, not the yellow, one is used to seeing when the weather is dry (which it really hasn’t been here). Thought it interesting considering it’s only the middle of August.

    This morning when I walked out the back door, didn’t even get to the bottom of the 3 steps before I hit a faceful of spider web – Yuck.

  5. fatima32 says:

    w’ve had bugs likecrazy! ants goin crazy, many signs i’ll talk about in my forecast that i’ve experienced so far, and we’ve had some fogs this august and a very thick widespread fog yesterday morning my goodness! what a fog! one of my small tree-like plants that is pretty big i have never ver sen anything grow up there and for the first time i’ve seen somethin food-like growing all over possibly signaling an early start and long duration o a winter to come and it may be very cold and snowy and also not to mention mushrooms all over the city and mushrooms grew like heck in my front yard!

  6. snowboi1 says:

    Theres about 10 Mushrooms in my backyard.Does that mean anything?

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