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I have been studying nature for the past month or so and have notice some things that could lead to a winter that we wont soon forget. Well let me get started by saying that I have not seen a single woolly worm this year, if any of you have seen one I would love to get your pictures and post of what color they are this year. Another thing foliage has started rather early here in South Shore, KY and I also checked the stems in the leaves and the tree has stopped feeding water to the leave which usually don’t start happening until the leaves start to fall. Also I have not seen any bees nests in the tree tops and I heard from some old time farmers that that usually means that they are building their hives in the trees which means that they are preparing for a very harsh winter. One of my friends has also noticed that most of the summer birds are already gone. Send me your folk lore and what you think about the upcoming winter. I think according to the signs that it is pointing to a bad winter and that the cold weather will make up for this hot summer.


Well send me your post and send me your weather pics and folk lore. It is gonna be an exciting year and I look forward for the upcoming winter season.

  1. sapporo1 says:

    Hope so, we could all use a winter to make up for a ruthless and punishing summer of drought and heat.

  2. weatherman911 says:

    The Spiders are huge and the webs here on Long Island 

  3. pearlss says:

    Huge spiders and bugs in general here in NC, along with the spider webs. The moths are already falling to our feet and fluttering which usually doesn’t happen until the end of Sept beginning of Oct.

    Still haven’t started to feel the “nip” in the air we usually do when the weather is getting ready to change (regardless of the temps btw).

    It’ll be interesting especially since every map prediction I’ve seen so far puts NC smack in the ‘snowy’ category. We are usually lucky to see 5-7 inches in total for the season.

  4. hollyr87 says:

    ok, explain the spiders. never heard that before.

  5. pearlss says:

    Actually it’s their webs. If they are making their webs low (in the grass and bushes) it’s going to be a non/light snow winter. The higher up the webs, then more snow is presumed.

  6. WeatherMan2 says:

    Well the spiders are actually simple to explain, you see spiders if they see that it is going to be a bad winter season they will usually bulk up in the late spring early fall making the spiders bigger. As far as the spider webs you look for two things one is size of the spider web bc the spiders instinct is to make the spider web larger in order to hold more food so they don’t have to go away from the web as much. Also the thickness of the web indicates that the spider is wanting the spider web to last thus reinforcing it to be stronger so that it can handle the hard months of winter. As far as the moths it is way early for them to be falling at the feet that could be a very good sign for an early fall and winter. I myself have found that the leaves on the tree are drying out way to early as well bc trees in order for the leaves to fall start by cutting off the supply of water to the leaves which should not even start until about late September and early October. So I would say that most areas around the east coast will be looking forward to an early fall.
    Keep sending them posts and sending those pics. Oh and before I forget have any of you seen any woolly worms this year I have not seen any, if you could send me the pics of those that would be most appreciated.

  7. WeatherMan2 says:

    I’m sorry correction late summer not late spring.

  8. WeatherMan2 says:

    Pearless is right and the same works for the bees nests as well.

  9. Ohio 5-O says:

    The few signs i’ve noticed around here was birds already startin to fly south as well as the spider webs and i’m not sure what the field mice have to do with it but there has been a decent amount of those I only know that cuz of my cat leaving them on the doorstep lol

  10. Shadowloki10 says:

    That is really interesting about the bees. I have not seen a lot of bee, wasp, or yellow jacket activity this year. Last year I was stung 3 times in the summer and would always see them flying around. 

  11. sapporo1 says:

    I have seen alot of wasp activity here, but the sure don’t stop to show much curiosity, they mostly just buzz by me as if I am in their way, like they are on a mission, but yeah, I haven’t seen too many actual bees myself come to think of it.

  12. pearlss says:

    Have not seen even one woolly worm this year. Seen plenty of hornet activity this year and wasps. We’ve also seen some bee species we don’t usually see around this area. Even hubby who was born and raised in NC doesn’t know what some of them are.

  13. happyhorseman says:

    Do any of you know about planting zoysia grass seed now in extreme sw KY?  I am wondering about the first freeze – the seed needs 60 days to become established.  Has anyone taken the chance before?

  14. happyhorseman says:

    Do any of you know about planting zoysia grass seed now in extreme sw KY?  I am wondering about the first freeze – the seed needs 60 days to become established.  Has anyone taken the chance before?

  15. snow angels says:

    I live in  southwest Michigan, I have noticed that the spider webs are super thick, I havent found any woolly worms yet, I have noticed also that my dog’s coat is already really thick. 

  16. WeatherMan2 says:

    That is the thing no one has seen any woolly worms this year and to be honest I have never heard of that happening before bc there are usually loads of them. I have also noticed that my dogs coats are unusually thick this year. The woolly worms sure have me puzzled bc there is not even new updates for this year posted on the site and all the sitings I have read are from last year. Btw has anyone else noticed how bad the insects are this year bc one of my friends was bush hogging in some brush and he got ate up with over 100 ticks I mean I personally have never seen ticks so bad as they have been this year. Thick spider webs are good for all you snow loving fans bc if they are twice as thick they want them to last. As far as the large amounts of field mice I heard that they look for warm areas to wait out the bad winters and if you are seeing a lot of them around I would have some traps or rat poison handy bc the closer it gets to winter you may find more than you can handle in your house. This year bees have been really busy and not really offering to sting anyone which is good bc it means they are gathering and them dying down and it only August is a pretty sure sign that winter is slowly but surely on its way. Btw has any of you seen any bees nests up in any trees bc I heard that if they are not visible in the tree tops it means that they have resorted in finding hollow trees to make there nests which has not happened in a long time and I was up late reading some meteorology blogs and one caught my eye that said the solar activity is really low and that we could be facing on of the coldest winters since 1978. Please if any body sees a woolly worm have your camera ready to snap a pic bc as far as I know there has not been one spotted yet this season and that kinda worries me how bad this winter may actually get.

  17. WeatherMan2 says:

    Oh and sorry but I have no clue about that type of grass but if you go to like a feed store or some sort of farm appliance store they should be able to give you detailed information on it.

  18. WeatherMan2 says:

    I saw a lot of bees during the beginning of summer but they have died down in activity really early, this winter is gonna be amazing I can not wait bc I see it really picking up the next couple of months.

  19. The Rickster says:

    We still have bees buzzing around down here in S.C. Spider webs are a good size, as are the spiders.  We got some plants blooming in the front yard. Not sure if that has anything to do with…well…anything…but they are blooming. Moths and beetles are nuts down here. 

  20. WeatherMan2 says:

    Here in good old Northeastern KY everything is going crazy as well and as far as the spider webs they are huge and the thickest I have ever seen. The summer birds have all fled south for the winter and I have not seen a single woolly worm and it is obvious that there is no one that I have seen this year that has seen one and it really is something that we need to think about this winter bc I have not went a year without seeing a woolly worm I mean what could it mean and should we be preparing for the worst here. Is there any thoughts and has anyone noticed how thick the black walnut shell is this year and how big the pine cones are I mean pine cones are huge this year. Keep sending them posts bc things are really getting interesting. Oh and thank you for the moths folklore I have never heard of the moths falling at your feet but I looked it up and it is a good sign for you snow fans. Thank you Pearless I love to hear about that old folk lore especially the ones I have not heard of before, bravo.

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