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I have been studying nature for the past month or so and have notice some things that could lead to a winter that we wont soon forget. Well let me get started by saying that I have not seen a single woolly worm this year, if any of you have seen one I would love to get your pictures and post of what color they are this year. Another thing foliage has started rather early here in South Shore, KY and I also checked the stems in the leaves and the tree has stopped feeding water to the leave which usually don’t start happening until the leaves start to fall. Also I have not seen any bees nests in the tree tops and I heard from some old time farmers that that usually means that they are building their hives in the trees which means that they are preparing for a very harsh winter. One of my friends has also noticed that most of the summer birds are already gone. Send me your folk lore and what you think about the upcoming winter. I think according to the signs that it is pointing to a bad winter and that the cold weather will make up for this hot summer.


Well send me your post and send me your weather pics and folk lore. It is gonna be an exciting year and I look forward for the upcoming winter season.

  1. snowlover says:

    Wow lots of good information on this post.  First, I have heard of an “ant hill” folklore or weatherlore.   “If ant hills are high in July, Winter will be snowy.”  Second, I hope not to see the Velvet Ants around here (Virginia)  we have enough problems with ticks, spiders, and such.  I haven’t seen a wooly worm yet; but I would love to know what an all black one would indicate.  So far the best signs that I’ve seen so far is the foggy mornings.  Although we haven’t had them daily; we have had about 3 days with thick fog and about 6 days with patchy fog.  Last year we had one day with patchy fog (to my knowledge).  Lots of acorns & nuts.  September will give us the greatest signs about the upcoming winter. Can’t wait to see what the persimmons bring!

  2. Jessica D. says:

    Your post is very informative! Here in Winchester Virginia, I haven’t really seen that many bees or Wooly Worms (yet about the Wooly Worms). Our ground is dry due to the drought and like one of the other folks on here, I am hoping that Winter helps us out with that! Ive heard that an all black Wooly Worm means a harsh winter for those that are asking, and I believe we are definately due for a harsh winter.

  3. WeatherMan2 says:

    Well i live in Kentucky but i actually saw the bee in Ohio so it is concievable that you could see one in Virginia and to be honest this is the first year i have seen them. Also i hear ya about the ticks bc my friend was cutting brush in the high weeds and he got covered in ticks from his abdomen to his feet. They wernt kidding when they said ticks are bad this year but apparently i didnt know how bad. Also thank you all for the complements i am glad that this post has been so successful and i hope that it continues to grow.

  4. WeatherMan2 says:

    When commenting on this forum if you want to add a picture you click on the icon that looks like a tree where you reply to the forum. So for those of you who have pics just go to this text box like your going to reply and click on the icon on the far right at the top of the post box.

  5. snowlover says:

    Thank you so much WeatherMan2 I always wanted to know how to post pictures!  Wow, yall shouldn’t told me that.  I’m gonna really have fun this autumn!

  6. WeatherMan2 says:

    Knock yourself out i look forward to seeing your pictures…i want to see people posting pics anyway bc it will give this forum a lot to talk about. Thank you for getting involed in my forum.

  7. indygirl says:

    Hello from Indiana!. (Hamilton county)….the bees and spiders have been abundant and acting very busy for a couple of weeks. Spider webs all over the place! One wierd thing is that we noticed all of the birds seem to have vanished…..noticed it about two weeks ago. They don’t even come around wehn the grass is mowed, which normally happens because they’re getting worms and bugs. We thought maybe they left because it was too hot.

    We also had some fog last week, can’t remember which day it was. I’m hoping for an exciting winter!

  8. pearlss says:

    The crickets are winning this year! We’ve been finding them ALLLLL over the house this year, not just the garage as we have in the past.

    The mice still haven’t taken up residence under my hibiscus bush yet though (true sign of fall or at least cooler nights). We have noticed an abundance of butterfly’s this year though, even hubby commented on them. Still watching for the elusive woolly worm, no sightings yet.

  9. TheMaineMan says:

    Went below 50 for the first time since early June two nights ago… 49 degrees when I woke up and very refreshing.

  10. pearlss says:

    I am SOOOOO envious TheMaineMan. I’m tired of waiting, so since it’s Labor Day weekend, I’m going up in the attic and getting down my fall decorations! Can’t wait. The house is starting to smell really good too now, because I’m filling it with the scents of fall.

  11. amy n says:

    No wooly worms here in CT. (that I have seen), but SO many spiders. And yesterday, there was a cricket in the basement. Also, last night, when we went out to look at the moon, the crickets were so loud. 
    I am about 25-30 miles from the CT coast, so I don’t know if I am on the line for the Mid-Atlantic region or if I am more on the line of the New England region, but our area is dense with trees, so I am leaning towards the more New England part because we tend to get more snow than the coast. 
    I also read somewhere that there are more spiders this year because it was so warm that they didn’t have a chance to die out. Same for ticks and other insects. So can we use that as aSingh of an upcoming good winter, or is it a leftover consequence of our previous bad winter? Time will tell I guess!
    Our leaves are starting to change, but some of them look a little dry and shriveled around the edges. So are they changing due to an upcoming cooling, or because of drought? I know that accuweather has predicted a mild fall for us, but they also said that last winter would start with a vengeance in November, and then the same thing again in February, and neither of those predictions were correct. So I don’t necessarily agree with accuweather.  
    Anyway, those are the signs here in CT. If anyone else is in this area, I would be gladhot hear of any signs that you are seeing.
    Enjoy the first of Sept.- we are now this much closer to our beloved fall/winter season! 

  12. amy n says:

    *a sign*
    *glad to*
    FA needs to fix the auto correct on this forum!  

  13. PattyPooh3 says:

    I’m relatively new to the upper Mid West (Northwest IN.), having moved from Spokane, WA.  The things I’ve noticed is how few the fire flies were and how quiet the Cicadas were this summer as compaired to the last few.  In the last week or so, the birds have gotten silent, although the small ones are still coming to my feeder.  The Canada Geese are raucous and fly North over my house in the morning and back here in the evening, always in a huge V formation.  What does all this mean?

  14. tarheelsrule44 says:

    Saw my first Wooly worm crossing the road this morning.  I was going pretty slow so I got a decent look at it and from my vantage point it honestly looked all black.  After I get done watching football all day today I may go out and look for some more. 

    I’m in Maine btw, on the coast about midway up the state. 

  15. TheMaineMan says:

    I’ve only seen one wooly worm, the front half was all black and the back half was all tan/brown.

  16. WeatherMan2 says:

    Well at least we are getting half black it means we will have a good period of snow mixed in with some mild weather. I am glad to hear you all seeing the all black woolly worms as well and I am hoping that we see even a few white ones. Also as many of you maybe experiencing an early foliage like I am I hope to see some pictures of the foliage around your area. Also if any of you spot a white woolly worm upload it to the forum because that will be exciting news for all the snow lovers on this forum. The spiders are hard at work and I have noticed that the animals have been really busy this past months, which could indicate that they are preparing for a cold one. Keep sending in that folk lore and if you have some old and unusual folk lore that you would like to share on this forum I think that our folk lore followers would enjoy seeing some new folk lore that many of us may not have heard of. I love to hear some of the older folk lore that I have heard for the first time because although it maybe old folk lore they are usually the most accurate. If there is any folk lore that you have questions about post it here and either me or some of the other weather lovers can answer any questions you may have about it.

  17. pearlss says:

    I think the mice are BACK! The dogs have been worrying the bush they usually show up in, which means it’s time to cut it back (sigh). This is the usual sign and they started about 2 days ago.

    Also started noticing that some of the trees are starting to turn. Been very rainy here in NC, so I know it’s not from the lack of. They are predicting a cold front coming through on Saturday which will take us from the 90′s on Friday to the 76 on Sunday! WOOHOO! SO ready.

  18. WeatherMan2 says:

    Yeah were expecting a cold front here to which is suppose to drop us from the 90′s to like 74 I can not wait to see the results of this winter. It is so exciting to see all these things happening and they are actually playing in our favor. Oh and take some pictures of the foliage and send it in I am going to probably go out this weekend and take some pictures of the leaves and post them here on this forum. Also I am going to try and get a picture of the ellusive woolly worm that has seemed to escape photographs this year.

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