The Spiders Spin a Tale of Winter…

Posted By: FatherFrost  Posted On: Aug 16th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Well, when I finally made it home late last night, my father pointed out something high above the ground, stretched between trees, overhanging the driveway. There were two massive webs with a spider resting gently in the middle of each one. These big, black and brown spiders are what we call Fall spiders here, because they usually do not appear until at least the trees start changing. But they’re early this year. Also of note, is how high their webs were from the ground. So, if nature is correct it looks like it could be an early Autumn followed by a snowy Winter.


  1. The Rickster says:

    I think a buddy of mine has one of those with with a web built at the end of his neighbor’s house. The web is a foot or so across, and probably about 10 feet from ground, to where it attatches to the house. Its a big one. 

  2. pearlss says:

    Just covered in them here, haven’t really looked up high except around our porch. On a side note, when I took the dogs out for last run last night, I accidentally shined my flashlight on a web just off our porch. There the spider was furiously spinning her web! I actually almost forgot the dogs because I was so fascinated by watching it. Pretty cool to watch actually.

  3. The Rickster says:

    That they ate Pearlss, even though I can’t stand spiders. There have been some large webs (in comparison to what we had last year) around here. Hopefully, thats a sign on things to come.

  4. kmk says:

    Where do you live Father Frost that sure is great news I hope for snow

  5. spellbound says:

    I believe he’s in Va.  And I hope beyond hope he’s right and we have early fall, early winter and lots of snow… I’m dreaming of a white winter thorough out the entire winter.  Fingers crossed.

  6. FatherFrost says:

    I’m in southeastern VA, yes. The generally accepted lore here is the earlier you see them, the earlier fall comes.

    Then there is the widely known wives tale about how high up there webs are. If they build their webs way up in the air like that, it’s supposed to mean a snowy winter. 

  7. Delstein says:

    Just took a vacation to eastern TN. There were cobwebs everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Also, I’ve been seeing a lot more rabbits than normal. Does this mean anything?

  8. Jayne1954 says:

    I found a web all the way up to the top of our porch!! Alot of webs around here in the panhandle of WV. Hopefully it will be a better winter here this year for the snow. Last year really stunk.

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