Woolly Worms!

Posted By: WeatherMan2  Posted On: Aug 16th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Has anyone seen any woolly worms this year. Send me your thoughts on the topic bc I see this being a big convo this year bc I personally have seen none. Not sure what that means but I have heard from older farmers that that is not good bc it usually resulted in a really bad winter but it is good news for all you snow lovers like me out there.

  1. kimbob7169 says:

    I live in NC. I was lucky enough to see a white wooly worm today. Very cool!!

  2. JennyMarie says:

    We are seeing lots of all black Whooly Worms here in Greenville, SC. I even spotted an all white one, so we should have a very cold snowy winter according to the Whooly reports

  3. Dannette says:

    I am not sure if we get wooly worms in southern Arkansas since I haven’t seen any fuzzy worms of any kind. LOL. That being said I have noticed that we don’t seem to have as many birds  or squirrels about and normally we would still have lots of wildlife everywhere. Its still pleasant weather during the days (70′s)  and the nights are a in the low 60′s or high 50′s so still not bad for wildlife. We have tons of acorns falling and last year we seemed to be over run by squirrels trying to collect them all. Does this mean that our winter could be bad for us since our wildlife seems to have disappeared? I would be thrilled if that is what this means for us. :)

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