Fall is already well underway here

Posted By: sapporo1  Posted On: Aug 25th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

We have had cooler days and nights with highs in the 70s with a few 60s here and there with nights in 40s and low 50s, leaves, especially on aspens and sumacs are already starting to approach near peak status, and shrubs are changing colors as well, acorns everywhere and maturing quickly, squirrels have been gathering  the ones that have fallen on the ground, and they are numerous as well, and always seem to be in a hurry, geese are gathering in huge numbers and feeding like crazy, fruit and berries are already getting past their prime, and there’s just this feeling in the air that summer has been officially over for at least the last week or two, I have to say though, it sure is breathtaking, seeing the kind of fall foliage that normally isn’t evident until at least mid-late September, and yet we are seeing it in late August,  in the mountains as well as here in the foothills.
If you ask me, I would say that perhaps FA could have been a little hasty with their forecast for milder than normal temps for the northern, central, southern Rockies and Northern Plains  this winter, as temperatures have been dropping little by little with each passing week, and there are already hints that it could get very cold soon, and the last time I remember the foliage being like this so early was in 1997, and that was one of the most insane winters I have ever seen, it was very cold that winter, and we had some huge storms that dumped multiple feet of snow, and it was a very stormy year in general for Colorado.

  1. Delstein says:

    You’re lucky. Here it’s still 90 degrees outside, so today marks forty-four days of 90+ temperatures. It’s awful. Some leaves are already starting to change, though, not many. A few red leaves here and there mixed in with the green. I just want fall to come already, because it’s been too hot and too dry around here. We need cooler temperatures and rain, and I hope both of those come along with fall.

  2. sapporo1 says:

    Well, the interesting thing is that the weather here in the foothills is much different than the weather east of I-25 in cities like Colorado Springs and Denver, which are on the plains, on top of that, we are also at the top of an elevated goelogical area between Colorado Springs and Denver known as the Palmer Divide, which divides south flowing from north flowing rivers.

  3. FatherFrost says:

    It’s too soon to say whether or not true Fall conditions have moved in, just as it’s too soon to say whether the Almanac will be wrong about the temp. setup for Winter. What we do know is that we have an El Nino on our hands. Throughout climatic history, El Nino’s favor cold in the east with warmth over the PNW, N. Plains, Lakes, and New England. This is usually caused by the high-latitude blocking that can accompany Nino’s.

  4. sapporo1 says:

    Well, you are right that I can’t say that FA is right or wrong, but it does seem like the detailed forecast does tell a different story than the overall is showing, but I trust the forecast more than any others that have come out, but I can say for sure that fall conditions have indeed arrived in the mountains and foothills here in Colorado, the plains of this state however, are still baking in summer heat, the reason  I know that fall has arrived here is that all the vegetaion that sprouts only in early fall has sprouted, and the foliage is already in full swing all over, not just a few trees here and there, but 70% of the trees, bushes and everything else that changes colors have really started showing their yellows, reds and oranges, brightly I might add, it’s absolutely beautiful.

  5. Chris Medley says:

    leaves are falling off as they change and i saw 3 solid black wooly worms just this month and im in east tennessee

  6. sapporo1 says:

    Yeah, leaves are littering the ground here too, though I am not sure if we have wooly worms here, as long as I have lived here, I have never seen one, but I can say that the squirrels definitely have much bushier tails than they have had the last few years.

  7. ukfan8812 says:

    Sapporo I live in northern colorado springs and while i was driving to denver last week i could see the leaves changing colors passing over Monument on 25..I can actually tell that the weather is changing down here in the springs..nights are down in the low 50s and the days aren’t too hot anymore..mainly low 80s

  8. sapporo1 says:

    See, I have witnesses, by the way ukfan, come check out Palmer Lake some time, it’s beautiful here, and some great opportunities for mountain and foothill foliage, and great trails for a nice hike into the mountains

  9. sapporo1 says:

    By the way ukfan, nice to see someone besides myself who lives in Colorado. 
    Look forward to chatting with you more about storms in our area when our cold season finally arrives. 

  10. Ennaedwyn says:

    Well, I for one HOPE the winter predictions are right. Fall hasn’t set in quite yet here in IL (skip hop from St. Louis) still floating around the mid 80′s to mid 90s…

  11. snowlover says:

    Well here in Rich VA we don’t have any clear indications of a bad winter, however we do feel autumn in the air with lows in the upper 60s.  I am disappointed that our highs will be in the upper 80s or 90 this week.  There is this particular kind of tree that has small leaves that has changed and some even fell this past week.  Otherwise I’d say that it looks like the end of summer!  Keeping my eye on nature’s signs.  Noticed lots of foggy mornings, and I have a true full of acorns that is ready to burst!  What does the all black wolly worm mean that Chris  seen?  Thanks Guys, and I hope the best for the Gulf states this week.

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