To calm the panic that will ensue, get it right.

Posted By: FatherFrost  Posted On: Aug 26th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Forgive me if I come off too strongly, or if I sound rude. I just don’t want you all that live in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast/South Central/Southern Plains panicking. 

“Mixed Precipitation of rain, sleet, and snow” in the instance of FA’s 2013 Winter Outlook means that that area is forecast to see a wide array of different types of storms.

Some will just be a cold rain, some could be ice storms, and others will be snowstorms.

So calm down. It’s gon’ be a’right! ;) 

  1. snowlover says:

    Thank you FatherFrost.  You know when you post we listen intently :).  You among others, seems to be well knowledged in weather.  Unlike me who just loves autumn & winter and the signs that mother nature gives us; you actually “understand” it.  It’s good to have both, someone knowledable like so many of you on this forum; and folks that just love weather and most importantly talking about the weather:).  In my opinion I enjoy this time of the year the most.  The anticipation is contagious!

  2. pearlss says:

    I agree with FatherFrost.

    While the signs are showing, wait till it happens people. I’ve seen signs before that meant absolutely nothing in the big scheme of things. This year I’ll settle for real fall and winter temperatures. Yes, we can all agree last year was an exceptionally mild winter for the mid-Atlantic states and the farmers and the Almanacs all say it will make up for it this year, doesn’t necessarily mean it will. Wait it out.

    Besides, really? what can you do about it. For me? I’d rather have rain or snow any day over sleet and ice, but ya get what you get.

  3. Anthonypilone01 says:

    I shall cross my fingers and hope for the best until then.

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