Happy September! (2)

Posted By: snowlover  Posted On: Sep 4th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

Well September is here!  Although the temperatures haven’t gotten the memo :)  Upper 80s here this week.  (Va)  However, the local Mets are calling for lower 80s for the upcoming weekend.  Seventeen or sixteen more days till Autumn officially is here!  (depending on arrival on the 20th or 21st.)  We don’t have long now.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  I don’t want to rush my life away; however I will be glad to have a real autumn!  My favorite time of the year!

  1. trw says:

    When posting press the button that looks like a tree. I am pretty sure this is how you add pics . From there I think you can select what picture to add.

  2. TheMaineMan says:

    Temperatures close to average here…  highs in the low 70s, and lows in the low 50s.

  3. The Rickster says:

    Local Mets say low 80′s for highs and 60′s for lows starting next week. Its 79 as I type this, with a thunderstorm. I’m so ready for fall/winter after this Summer..

  4. trw says:

    Sorry meant to put that in the early signs of fall topic…

  5. Delstein says:

    @Rickster: Couldn’t agree with you more. We’re supposed to get highs in the mid-70s on Saturday for the first time since June 5, with lows in the mid-50s to match. Fall is finally coming around here, and I hope winter is right around the corner!

  6. sapporo1 says:

    60s and 70s from here on out over the Palmer Divide, and nice, comfortable 40s for lows with some 30s and a steamy low 50 or two, guess I can’t complain much there, could be worse, we could have never ending summer, or otherwise known as Phoenix and LA weather in a nutshell.
    definitely happy with the cooldown, by the way, even if it is a tad milder than average this winter in Colorado, for those who live here, DUH!! We are still waaaay colder than anyone else at lower elevations, we will have plenty of snow this winter if average precip is really expected, and let’s not forget that though it is expected to be milder overall according to the almanac, it doesn’t mean we will not have some brutal cold snaps, it just means that they wont stick around for as long as normally they would, and think about this my fellow Coloradoans, since when have we EVER gotten rain in the winter, even when we were milder than average, we are simply too high in elevation most of us for much precip to be in the liquid form, the simple fact is, when air rises, it cools, and past a certain elevation in winter, it will ALWAYS  precipitate in the form of snow, especially above about 6,000 feet, so don’t worry too much, we will get our snow when or if the moisture comes.

  7. pearlss says:

    Waiting for our first real “feel” of fall this weekend. Can’t wait. Love winter, don’t get me wrong, but it kind of lost it’s “shine” over the years, especially when you have to drive in it. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. It’s the only time of the year I really miss living up north, because I use to always go to New England for a least one weekend in October or November to really immerse myself in it. :/

    So now I get air fresheners (like Glades limited edition of Apple Cinnamon) and spray, spray, spray. Once it actually cools down to stay, I bake pies, yum, yum! Just to smell the house.

  8. snowlover says:

    Good thing to know that I’m not the only Fallaholic :)  Enjoy everyone enjoy!  Our time is near!!!!  It seems to go by in a flash, we no longer get the full 3 months of Autumn.  It’s more like 1 very short month.  So I’m getting hyped now before it ever get here.  Oh btw; the weather channel said that we will have highs in the mid 70s next week!  Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!

  9. snowboi1 says:

    Early next here in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach were looking at lows around 62 and highs 82 so a nice taste of fall.

  10. sapporo1 says:

    NOAA is forecasting 59 for the high with 43 for the low on Friday, hope it happens.

  11. pearlss says:

    sapporo1. Where do you live that you are getting predictions like that? I’m just happy with lows in the upper 50′s! LOL

  12. mrsbama says:

    We are supposed to get a taste of Fall this weekend here in central Alabama, I can’t wait. Morning lows on Sun and Mon morning in the 50′s. Can raise my windows at night, yay!

  13. sapporo1 says:

    @Pearlss, Palmer Lake, Colorado (80133) look it up if you like, Noaa did change the temperature outlook a little, now saying 62 to 64 and lows still generally in the low 40s, but they and everyone else doesn’t seem to want to make up their minds on how intense the cold front will be, then again, they never do lol.
    Sad though, it used to be normal for us to get snow in September, but that hasn’t happened in a few years due to La Nina, but those refreshing September snows should return one of these days. 

  14. snowlover says:

    Wow!  Highs in the 60s….sounds like a dream!  Snow in September really sounds like a dream!  Oh well, I better wake up and get ready to go home, cause Va won’t see any highs in the 60s for at least 3 or 4 more weeks now; and if it snowed in Virginia in September, it would be on the world news & everything would shut down:)!  Yet…we are talking about the weather…..anything can happen at any given time!  :) I was a bit excited to see 70s for our high on Mon & Tues, now they changed it to lower 80s :(   Sapporo1 please push the cooler temperatures to the east :)  Thanks.

  15. sapporo1 says:

    Don’t worry, they will come, in fact, Weather advance has mentioned that around the official start of fall, there could be an outbreak of cold air into the US, even the possibility of snow coming out of the Yukon Territory and spilling south into the US, if it goes the typical direcrion, assuming there actually is a cold snap and an associated storm system for that matter, then it would filter down the spine of the Rockies and produce the typical first snow here, then make it’s way east and produce some snow over the upper Great Lakes, then slide into the east, and you would surely get some colder air there in Virginia, I would guess 60s for you, maybe even upper 50s if it were a really cold system, just throwing that out there.

  16. Leafpeeper says:

    Let us know if you get the rain next couple of days, Snowlover. I sure hope you get that cooler, lower-70′s Monday. Sapporo1 you are a harbringer of hope! 

  17. sapporo1 says:

    Holy mother of pearl, Accuweather has predicted what weather advance was showing on the GFS, our forecast here in Palmer Lake for September 18th is now calling for 57 for the high, with a strong drop in temperatures falling to 30 for the low with rain and snow developing, possibly a short period of snow into the early morning with that low being below freezing, with rain and snow showers continuing into the 19th before moving east, with continued cold lows in the low 30s for another day or two, bringing our first frosts as well, how is that for a shocking surprize?! 
    Look out US, looks like fall is going to indeed return with a vengeance.
    looks like you might just get that nice cool air after all snowlover! 

  18. The Rickster says:

    Supposed to have highs in the mid 80′s next week (like I mentioned earlier) still. Thank the Lord. But NOAA has thrown in a low of 59 on Monday night which is FINE by me. I’ll tell you what…these nights where I’m outside working on a project or two and its 10 PM…and I’m still sweating….that is just wrong. 

  19. sapporo1 says:

    Yeah, that’s horrible
    I don’t even think I could survive in that, my body does not respond well to heat, so I live here where it is normally cooler than all surrounding places, I am originally from Alaska, and my body permanently acclimated to that region of the world, so all the blood goes to my face during any extrenuous activity, in other words, my head gets really hot really fast, which makes me sweat more than normal, which also causes me to dehydrate faster, causing my internal temperature to shoot up even more making me feel like I am boiling, and so if I lived in a hotter place, I would eventually collapse and die of heat exhaustion, hence the reason why I spend less time outdoors in the summer, and more time outdoors in the winter, because cold does not bother me in the least bit because I am simply designed for cold weather.

  20. snowlover says:

    Sapporo1 you have me excited!  Cooler air in the next couple of weeks would be great!  I know you must be stoked to even hear the word “snow” this soon.  I hope you get it.  Pictures please!  Oh yeah don’t forget to push it this way please.  I’m “almost” a bit jealous:)

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