Posted By: SmokeyMcBong  Posted On: Sep 6th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

hey all,

been here a little while now and i’ve enjoyed reading about the winter that should be.  i’m from ontario canada and am hoping for a ton of snow this year.  last year i bought a set of snow tracks for my atv and we got no snow at all.  really wanna use them this winter.


  1. Leafpeeper says:

    Welcome SmokeyMcB! Been lurking have we? No worries I lurked for a while before joining up, too. You are in good company–far as I can tell, most of this crew look forward to the cool weather. What’s it like for you in Ontario? Signs of Fall showing up for you? 

  2. panaminer says:

    Yea I bought a 4*4 and I hope it comes handy this winter.

  3. The Rickster says:

    Welcome Smokey. Nice to have someone else join the forum, along with the other non-familiar folks I notice at the moment. Hopefully winter will be good for you, especially since your that far north. I’m in South Carolina. 

  4. SmokeyMcBong says:

    thanks for the welcomes!  and as far as the signs for fall here, the leaves on most of the trees are starting to change colour and there is a noticable chill in the air in the nights and early mornings. 

    i was a little further up north this weekend and in the night time it was easy to see your breath and the grass was white in the mornings when we’d wake up. 

    i’m originally from Newfoundland and can remember having to call on other family members to come down and shovel us out of our house!! the snow would be up to the eves on the house for most of the winter! im hoping for one of those this year.

    keep all the good winter speculations going, it makes for great reading and fuels some wicked day dreams about the snow!

  5. snowlover says:

    Welcome SmokeyMcBong!  Seems as if you’ve come to the right place.  We have model readers and folks like me who just love snow; and reports on the signs that Mothernature gives us. 

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