Where is everybody?

Posted By: interstatelover7166  Posted On: Sep 7th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I mean like the “classic” members like Wjp and Fatima?! Where do you think they’ve gone?

  1. snowlover says:

    Fatima still pops up occasionally!  Haven’t heard from WJP yet.  We all are waiting…..can’t wait to read his thoughts on this upcoming winter!

  2. Leafpeeper says:

    Sorry, I’m far too wet behind the ears here to have met them, yet, but from which part of the country do WJP and Fatima hale? I’m delighted to be amongst weather people such as those I’ve met thus far.

  3. The Rickster says:

    I think both members are here in  US. WJP was pretty active in the forums last year. I haven’t seen anything from him in a while either honestly. 

  4. pearlss says:

    Fatima’s here (in and out), Grandin, TheMaineMan, also. I don’t think anyone’s seen WJP so far this year. And as you can see, The Rickster is in attendance! LOL

  5. The Rickster says:

    As always. Lol. Glad everyone else is accounted for, new and old. 

  6. snowboi1 says:

    WJP always was getting into arguments last year as i recall.Lol

  7. The Rickster says:

    I believe he was too SnowBoi. WJP was sharp as a tack though. Lol. 

  8. rainsticks says:

    I don’t know any of these forum members, I’m very new!

  9. The Rickster says:

    ‘Tis no probs  Rain. You’ll learn everyone eventually. 

  10. spellbound says:

    Hope everyone comes back soon, it would be nice if we could pm each other so we could reach out to them.  I think this will be a good winter for the mid alantic, northeast.  Atleast the signs of nature is showing it.  BUT Mother Nature has her own way of screwing up everyone’s forecasts!!!  This year I thinks she needs meds ….. LOL

  11. The Rickster says:

    I agree with Spellbound up there. Lol. I think it’s gonna be a alright one for the South East with what nature is showing me. But in the end, mother Nature has the last word. 

  12. snowlover says:

    Welcome Leafpeeper, Rainsticks, & Trusthaddin!  This is the only forum that I belong to.  During the fall/winter I’m usually on here everyday.  The common factor is of course the weather particullary snow, autumn, and my favorite Weatherlore!  It’s good to have folks all over the country report what’s happening in their neck of the woods.  Can’t wait for yall to meet WJP, he is really knowledable about the models and such.  FatherFrost and a few more are also.  Not me…:)  I just know what I like and put my 2 cents in here and there.  I never knew that Mothernature gives so many clues and this fascinates me a lot!  So welcome everyone.  I hope everyone enjoy this Autumn, and get ready to get ready for an interesting Winter!  :0)

  13. The Rickster says:

    I’m a member of a few other forums that are bicycle related. I’m a member of the Old Farmer’s Almanac forum, but this is the only weather forum I’m a visit all the time. I like it here. I don’t really see anyone trash talking anyone or they’er maps, so thats a plus. Opinions are always expressed but good luck escaping those. 

  14. DJONYX says:

    sorry i meant to put i know leafpeper the rickster,and snowboi1

  15. Leafpeeper says:

    Snowlover, Rainsticks, Djonyx, Pearlss, Rickster, SPellbound, Snoboi, Greetings to ALL! Lol! Too many names to remember, hope there’s not a test. Glad to be here amongst such, you pegged it Rickster; kind folk. We come here to compare notes, enjoy the professional as well as amature side of predicting, to learn to read a weather map, and share our stories. No right or wrong necessary! Just cold weather talk, and when it’s hot, try and get through it, maybe even enjoy it a little! This is the best site I’ve seen thus far sans bickering or hate talk. Love it here!

  16. Leafpeeper says:

    Lol! Did I mention I’m a writer? I apologize if I get a little wordy–it’s what I do. :)

  17. KatD-Mo. says:

    I’ve been out for a bit.  the snow took out the cell towers and I get my internet via cell.

    I did get to catch a little info on the weather channel.  they seem to think that winter was slow in coming to the middle of the country, but mother nature plans to stick around for a bit for us.   that’s ok, any relief we can get from the drought is much apprieciated.

    hubby has over 50 hours pushing snow, from one storm.  we’ve been getting flurries all morning, to the tune of about an inch (so far) on top of the 12 or better that we had.

    this is soooo good for the ground, lakes, ponds, trees…. just good stuff all the way around.      

  18. The Rickster says:

    I’m back as well. Lol. School has been crazy lately. Only three days a week but the latest final REALLY put the strain on me. But anyways, I’m here. Lol. Glad to see this forum is still doing well and not belly up. 

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