Wooly worm sighting!!!!!

Posted By: amy n  Posted On: Sep 7th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I live in CT, in Fairfield County. Just spotted my first wooly worm! It was strange, I have never seen one that looked like this. When I first saw it, it looked all black. Upon closer inspection, however, I saw that there were some brownish- orange undertones. So I am not sure what exactly this means. The top,of the fur looked all black, but the part of the fur closest to the body looked brownish-orangish.

  1. snowlover says:

    All black is suppose to me a snowy winter…soo…what you see is what you get!  :)  (I hope anyway) Not sure about the undertones, I’ll never get that close to one…they give me the creeps!  Usually I’d see one crossing the road.  Congrats on spotting your first wollyworm!

  2. amy n says:

    I inspected it so closely because I wanted to be sure I wasn’t just seeing things, or wishful thinking or anything:)
     I am glad to hear that you think that this is a good sign!
    Looking forward to finding out what everyone else thinks! 

  3. Leafpeeper says:

    Woohoo! Wooleys are a true sign of autumn. Folklore has it that if a woolybear-worm has a good thick coat that means a colder winter is on it’s way–I pray the little fella you saw is duly fluffy.

  4. pearlss says:

    Could mean lots of soft fluffy snow that melts quickly. :D

  5. Ennaedwyn says:

    Saw one today on my walk in the park. I’m HOPING I will be able to share the pic, but basically it was equal parts black and white. Started black and ended black. That is the wooly warm forecast for the bi-state area for MO/IL – so far. Hoping to find some more.

  6. Ennaedwyn says:

    OK, saw (possibly the same) another wolly worm…equal parts black and white.
    What does the white mean?

  7. amy n says:

    I don’t know what the white means, I always thought they were orange/brown/ black. But I looked on the FA blog last night and they discuss wooly worms (I just can’t remember what they said!), so if you check that out maybe it can answer that question for you.

  8. Ennaedwyn says:

    Maybe it wasn’t a wooly worm…come to think of it, I did see an actual one but that was YEARS ago (like after we moved here) so, it may have not been A wooly worm…just a wooly like worm. Oh well.

  9. stuffradio says:

    Don’t know how accurate that folk lore is. I’ve seen several Wooly Worms this Summer, and I’m supposed to be torching on the West Coast of BC. It had black and brown on it.

  10. dotskal says:

    I live near Pittsburgh – wooly was pure black /and large – not a snow lover :(

  11. Jessica D. says:

    Glad ther are some signs of a snowy winter this year! The last couple ones that we’ve had (i live in winchester virginia) have not been that good to us for snow. Our first snow was just a few days before Halloween last year! Lol!

  12. jwehunt says:

    I live in Tennessee. I was sitting on my porch enjoying the morning with my husband. I looked down beside my chair and there was a wholly black caterpillar. I showed it to my husband and told him about what my grandma used to say about the weather. We looked at it and it was all black no orange of any kind. It had extremely thick black hair and its head was pointing south. I think we are in for a rough ride this winter. I will let you know about the persimmon in this area soon.

  13. snowlover says:

    @ jwehunt what does the head pointing south mean?  Just curious!  I’m in Virginia (Rich) hoping for a snowy winter as well.  Yes please keep us informed about the persimmons.  I am trying to find some.  Not sure what one looks like .

  14. tfire11 says:

    I live in east central Il and watched two big black wooly worms heading south across east and west road

  15. whiteout says:

    @ stuffradio
    is it more black or brown? more brown = mild

  16. tfire11 says:

    I was told if they are heading south a bad winter and north a mild winter.

  17. snowlover says:

    Thanks Tfire11, it makes sense now that you’ve said it.  Gotta find me some wooly worms trying to hitch a ride on 95 south :).

  18. donna skaggs says:

    I live in ky and saw a white wooly worms,,,

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