Finally a taste of fall!

Posted By: pearlss  Posted On: Sep 10th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I’ve been dreaming about it, wishing for and it’s finally here! That taste of fall. Temps this morning at my house were 53! Actually had to put on a light jacket to take the dogs out.

Windows open all night and the house has finally started to cool down inside.

The leaves at the end of last week were just starting to put on their fall wardrobes, and I figure with the temperature change, we’ll start seeing them change for real now. Though we haven’t seen them, we suspect the mice are back because the dogs have been worrying the hibiscus bush outside, so it’s almost time to cut it back.

Going to check the persimmon tree today to see if there are any berries on it. It’s been so covered by other trees, not sure there will be this year, but we’ll see.

Working part-time at Old Navy while I try and get a full time job in my chosen field, so usually work weekends. Yesterday there were loads of people buying long sleeves and light jackets. Couldn’t believe how many people were wearing sweatshirts (I didn’t think it was THAT cool yesterday). But it’s fun to watch that’s for sure. LOL

How’s everyone doing in their part of the world?

  1. snowlover says:

    Where are you Pearlss?  Sounds like Fall is knocking on your door.  We too (Virginia) had a tease of what’s to come this morning.  It was absolutely wonderful!  If you have to get up and go to work on Monday mornings (like I do) this is the perfect weather for it.  The sun was shining yet we were in the upper 50s!  I could have stayed outside all morning! Still later this week they’re calling for lower 80s.  :(  Oh well, it’s coming….my favorite time of the year!!!! 

  2. rainsticks says:

    I’m right outside New York City, it’s been so hot here, that even a warm 75 degrees seems like a step towards fall. I wish we had your temperatures, 50 sounds like a dream. I can’t wait to breakout my long sleeved shirts!

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