Big Cool/Cold down coming the 26th for the east!

Posted By: pearlss  Posted On: Sep 12th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

This is from the local news station. I have to say, Van Denton has been right on the money most of the time when it comes to weather around here and he’s the only one I trust when it comes to a weather forecast. Was trying to post the map and his prediction, but can’t remember how to post a picture. Once gives me directions, I’ll post the map too.

“The NEXT big cool down should be around Sept. 26th. From what I see today we may dip into the lower 40s with that round. Possibly some upper 30s. The image is of the 850mb (~5000 ft level) temperature outlook in °C. I have converterted these to °F with the yellow values. Daytime temps in the mountains will likely only reach the 40s and here in the Piedmont the 60s. At night, this type of airmass should allow all of us to cool at least 20-25 degrees.

I am starting to think we are DONE with 90° heat for the year. I don’t think we will see 90° again until May 2013.”

  1. snowlover says:

    From your mouth to God’s ears!  Where are you Pearlss?

  2. Ennaedwyn says:

    I don’t want to see the 90s for a LOOOOONG while!

  3. Delstein says:

    I looked up Van Denton, and he’s the meteorologist for the FOX affiliate in Greensboro-Winston-Salem area.

  4. amy n says:

    I would like to know too- where are you? Did you hear anything about any other part of the country? 

  5. pearlss says:

    What tree icon? I’m in the Piedmont of NC. But the map, if I can ever post it, shows the whole eastern side of the country.

  6. rainsticks says:

    oh, that means I can unpack my jackets =]

  7. SmokeyMcBong says:

    the tree icon is right beside the eraser icon just above where you type your response to a thread.  it opens a box asking for the photo url but i can’t seem to make it work anyway.

  8. pearlss says:

    Okay, but I don’t get an eraser icon either. LOL I’m using Firefox, could that be the problem?

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