How do I post a picture on here?

Posted By: pearlss  Posted On: Sep 12th, 2012  Filed Under: Weather

I can’t find the post that said how. grrrr

  1. SmokeyMcBong says:

    isnt it the tree icon in the quick reply box??

  2. snowlover says:

    Yeah, but what do you do after you click on the tree icon?  I went to “my pictures” tried to copy and paste without any luck.

  3. pearlss says:

    What tree icon? I don’t see no tree icon.

  4. rainsticks says:

    like this.   I didn’t take this picture, but it’s close to where I live.

  5. rainsticks says:

    and yes I just tried to use the tree icon!

  6. SmokeyMcBong says:

    just copied and pasted this one from my photobucket page

  7. SmokeyMcBong says:

    lol, i’ve decided that its impossible

  8. rainsticks says:

    There’s supposed to be a tree icon next to the eraser button on the same toolbar that has bold, italic, and underline, but it clearly doesn’t work anyway, so if you’re not seeing anything Pearlss, you’re not missing out LOL!

  9. trw says:

    maybe Grandin can chime in here, i know he has posted a few pics, one is the labor day photo post, i also thought you could just click on the tree…. 

  10. Grandin says:

    When you write a theard next to the fonts size and style is a little tree icon click it and copy past the direct link from the photobucket page and paste it in the first box and click the insert and write yourfonts on top of the picture sign it do the math and click enter. thats how i do it and ive posted alot of pics on here since i been a member of FA. i joined in early 2010

  11. trw says:

    I thought you could click on the tree icon, but this will not allow a pic to be posted from your computer or phone. what you must do, is make an account on photobucket, i just made one all you need is a password and username and email.
    it took about one minute to make an account, once you make an account you upload your picture to photobucket, and once it is uploaded there is a thing on the side of the page that has different links, and you click on the direct link. this copies the link.

    It will let you paste it into the window that pops up when you click on the tree. (the tree does not seem to show up when viewing FA on a mobile device.

    hope this helps, as until i made a account on photobucket like Grandin said he had, i couldn’t post a picture either. 

  12. SmokeyMcBong says:

    nope, still can’t get it to work.

    when you click the tree, the window that pops up asks for- image url,  image description, alignment, dimensions, boarder, horizontal space, and vertical space.

    the url i copied the direct link from my photobucket, i added a description, set the alignment, and the dimensions appeared automatically.  i left the boarder, horizontal space and vertical space blank.  when i add image i can see the picture in the quick reply box but when i submit my post (with the pic still there) the post that appears in the thread doesn’t display the photo.

    anyone with any clues as to what i’m doing wrong??

  13. trw says:

    i have no idea….   all i did was place the direct link, and type in the item description, and left every thing else blank and clicked insert.  (FA must be mad at you haha!)

  14. rainsticks says:

    Grandin says you have to have a your picture has to be posted on a photobucket account and use that link in the tree icon menu & you have to calculate the size of the picture too.

    I am going to try it right now again :


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